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There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world today. To be honest, it has become an important part of the smartphone like Facebook and Gmail. Perhaps this is the reason why the company does not want to miss any opportunity to maintain its popularity.

WhatsApp wants to continuously release new features for the convenience of its users. This seems to be the case because every other day information about testing of a new feature on WhatsApp comes to light.

Let us introduce you to such features which are expected to be launched soon.

gif image support
After providing support for GIF images on Viber messaging platform, there were reports that GIF image support is also being tested on WhatsApp. Actually, this feature was added to a beta version of WhatsApp on iOS. After this feature is introduced, it will autoplay when the link of GIF image is shared in the app. Users will be able to save GIF images to the camera roll. It will also be possible to save them like normal photos. The feature of directly replying to GIF image messages and 3D touch function in GIF images are also provided.

Video call

A glimpse of video calls was seen on WhatsApp’s beta app in the month of May. The video calling feature was seen in the WhatsApp beta Android update (v2.16.80) through the Google Play beta testing program. However, this feature was not working at that time. But it was definitely accessible. It is expected that this feature will be introduced for common users soon.

Call back and voicemail feature


Users who have signed in for the Google Play beta testing program can now use these two new features of WhatsApp. New call back and voicemail features have been provided in the new version v2.16.189 of WhatsApp Android app. Remember that the first glimpse of both these features was seen in the translation request in the month of April.

New font may be available


Instant messaging service WhatsApp is testing new fonts in the beta versions of Android and iOS. The name of this font of WhatsApp is ‘FixedSys’ and Microsoft’s font also has the same name which has been liked a lot by the users. At present it is not clear when this font will be launched for Android and iOS users. WhatsApp v2.16.179 (beta version) of WhatsApp is available for Android users through Google Play’s beta program. The new font can be seen on this version.

Two useful features related to group chat
Group chatting may become more convenient in the future, as the company is testing the Mention feature. Apart from this, it will also become easier to add someone to the group. Testing is also going on on the group invite link. Both the new features have been seen on the beta version of WhatsApp’s iOS app.

Keep in mind that these features have been glimpsed in beta testing. These features are not necessarily offered to general users. But there is nothing wrong in having hope.


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