These 5 useful features can be added to WhatsApp in the year 2021

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WhatsApp keeps introducing various features to its users from time to time, so that this instant messaging platform can be made even better for them. Last year, many useful features were added to this platform, such as WhatsApp Dark Mode, WhatsApp Payment feature, WhatsApp Shopping add to cart feature, animated stickers support to make chat interesting and Always Mute feature etc. Apart from all this, there are many such features which were seen in the beta version last year and the work on which started last year itself, but they will be launched this year. Recently, WhatsApp India head Abhijit Bose had informed that soon health insurance facility will be available on this platform. Apart from this, like WhatsApp mobile app, soon users will be able to enjoy the facility of WhatsApp voice and video calling on their laptops and computers also. For your convenience, we have given below the information about those top-5 features which WhatsApp is going to bring in the year 2021. Know what those features are and what will be their benefits-

WhatsApp Voice/Video Calls on Web and desktop

Till now, the facility of video and voice calls on WhatsApp was limited to mobile app only. However, recent reports revealed that the WhatsApp call feature will now be made available for desktop and web clients as well. According to the report, the latest update is currently in the beta stage and appears to have been rolled out to a limited number of people. It is expected that this feature will be released for all desktop and web users in the year 2021.

WhatsApp Insurance

WhatsApp users got the facility of WhatsApp Pay at the end of last year, while now it seems that by the year 2021, users will also start getting facilities related to health insurance and micro-pension products on this platform. Yes, recently during the Facebook Fuel for India event, WhatsApp India head Abhijit Bose gave information about his new venture plan. He said that the company is preparing to launch health insurance products in collaboration with SBI General, while HDFC Pension and Singapore based firm PinBox Solutions will help in launching micro-pension products.

Join Missed Calls

Last year, the presence of ‘Join Missed Call’ feature was seen in WhatsApp beta update version With the help of this feature, users can become a part of missed calls on WhatsApp. However, this feature will work only if the call is still going on, after which users can join that group call even in between. Two options can be given with this feature, they are ‘Ignore’ and ‘Join’. If the ongoing call is important for you, you can join the call later by clicking on ‘Join’. If you do not find that call important, you can also ignore it.

silent video

The option to ‘mute’ before sharing a video is going to be added on WhatsApp in the year 2021, with the help of which you can mute a video before sharing it with a contact or creating a status. The new feature was reportedly spotted in WhatsApp beta for Android.

WhatsApp Device Multiple Feature

WhatsApp multiple device feature has surfaced in several reports last year, the purpose of this feature is to let users use the same WhatsApp account on four other devices. WhatsApp will require a Wi-Fi connection for the multiple device support process. Which will help in transferring data from one device to another. After data sharing, there will be no need for internet and Wi-Fi for the primary device.


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