Special tips to download YouTube videos and watch them offline

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If you are mostly in a place where there is poor internet connection. Or if you like watching videos while commuting to office or home, then the offline feature of YouTube is just for you. With the help of this feature, YouTube users can watch their favorite videos on their Android and iOS devices even when the network is poor or not available at all. Today we will tell you what is YouTube offline feature and how you can use it.

The YouTube Offline feature, launched in 2014, lets Android and iOS users save YouTube videos on their devices to watch later. These videos can be downloaded through mobile data or Wi-Fi network. This feature comes with ad-support which means you have to watch ads before watching the video.

Not every video available offline
It is worth noting that not every video on YouTube can be watched offline. Most of India’s popular YouTube content can be downloaded. But sometimes you will see that some videos are not available to download.

offline availability
Any video downloaded through the offline feature can be watched offline only for 48 hours. Next, you will need an active internet connection and sync the video in the YouTube app to watch the video.

upcoming features
The company had announced a few months ago that there would be two new additions to YouTube’s offline feature. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that users will be able to know how long a download will take so that they can start the download when they are not busy. Apart from this, you will also be able to schedule downloads at night while sleeping like background downloading. We can see these features in YouTube offline in the coming months.

How to download YouTube videos to watch offline
To watch YouTube videos offline, first you have to open the YouTube app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Now go to the video file you want to download and look for the ‘Add to Offline’ icon below the video. (Also you can go to the context menu button and select ‘Add to Offline’ button). Note that if the video is not available for offline viewing, this icon will have a cross sign on it. Which means you cannot download that video file on your device.

After clicking on the offline icon, the YouTube app will ask you to select the file resolution – Low, Medium, HD. Selecting Low Quality will download the video faster and take up less space on your device. But the quality of this video will be very bad. Once you select the quality, the video will start saving to your device.

how to watch youtube videos offline
Keep in mind that the video being saved will be available for viewing only in the YouTube app. To find the file you have to go to the YouTube homepage. After this you can either scroll down the video or tap the back button on Android.

Once you reach the homepage, click on the Account tab (the icon that looks like a human body in the top right corner).

On this page you will find saved videos. By clicking on this you will be able to see all the videos which you have saved for offline viewing. If you want to delete a video, click on the video’s context menu Next and select ‘Remove’ from ‘Saved Videos’.


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