Record video of mobile screen like this

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Today we will talk about a convenient app for screen recording. Actually, you may need screen recording anytime. Be it a video that is not available for download on YouTube or any activity going on in your phone that needs to be captured as a video. Screen recording becomes necessary where screenshots alone cannot suffice.

Today we will mention 5 such convenient screen recording Android apps which you can use while recording your screen:

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the most convenient screen recording apps. it app Not only is it light and simple, its user interface is also user friendly. It has an overlay button, which does not tamper with the recorded content. It also has an inbuilt video editor, so you can adjust the video recording as per your convenience. There is no time limit, no watermark. It is absolutely free but you can also get its ‘Pro’ version by spending some extra money.

DU Recorder

du recorder app Known for its quality. It has the ability to record the phone’s screen at 1080 pixel resolution/60 frames per second. The app works in 20 languages ​​and its UI is liked by the users. In this also an in-built video editor is provided. It is available for free download and use. However, many people did not appreciate the support of this app in tablets but it can be used in smartphones.


Visor is a fun one app Which shows the mobile phone screen on your computer screen. With its help, you can record the phone screen by viewing it on the computer. Although it is free, but if you do HD quality recording in it then you will have to spend some money.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

MobiZen Screen Recorder is a user friendly screen recording app Is. You can also record and edit it later. You can also add background music of your choice in it. This app allows video recording in 1080 pixel resolution. This is one of those free apps that are capable of delivering videos without watermarks.

One Shot Screen Recorder

one shot screen recorder It is counted among those smart recorder apps, which are very popular due to being user friendly. It has been seen in many apps that until you stop the recording, the unnecessary part is also recorded along with it. This app does not put you in such a situation. In this, time is given to stop the recording after a fixed time, after which you can resume the recording and adjust it. However, this app charges some money to remove watermark.

You Can Translate it in Your Language By Exiting Mobile Version
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