Must download these four Google Chrome extensions for YouTube

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YouTube is still the most popular video website in the world and there are many reasons for this. There is a huge store of videos on YouTube. The good thing is that the content is available for free. It is fast and easy to use. If you want to make using YouTube easier, then you can make your experience more wonderful by taking the help of these Chrome extensions.

We have used these Chrome extensions. And included in the list only those who work. Apart from this, these Chrome extensions do not have any bad effect. Apart from this, we also used many YouTube video downloading extensions, but none of them could be a part of our final list.

These are the four YouTube Chrome extensions you should download:

1. Magic Actions for YouTube
Even if you don’t download the other extensions on this list, download this extension soon. Magic Actions gives a new avatar to YouTube. And it has many useful features.

Magic Actions let you raise or lower the volume by scrolling with your mouse. If you want, you can always play the video in wide mode. You can give command for the video to be replayed automatically. Apart from this, you can set Cinema Mode where the rest of the page will be removed. Apart from this you can block the annotations of the video. On-screen display is provided for changes in settings.


You will also get a screenshot option. If you want, you can enlarge the video thumbnail through mouseover. Apart from this, you can prevent YouTube videos from auto playing when you open a new tab. It proves to be very effective in tracking multiple videos simultaneously.

for youtube Download Magic Actions Chrome Extension

2. Turn Off the Lights
In Cinema mode on YouTube, only the video player goes wide, but the rest of the screen remains quite bright, especially if you’re browsing at night. Magic Actions has its own Cinema Mode which overcomes this shortcoming. If you feel that the Magic Extension has more features than you need, then use Turn Off Lights.


The work of extension is very simple. It adds a button that casts a shade over the rest of the screen. After this your eyes remain only on the video. It is easy and your work is completed in just one button.

turn off Download Lites Chrome Extension

3. Adblock for YouTube
Many popular adblocking extensions also work to block unwanted ads on YouTube. If you’re looking for an extension that does just that for YouTube, you should download AdBlock for YouTube.

Most users say that it works. And we also did not face any problem in using it. It is easy to setup. And you will not need to pay attention again and again to activate it.

Download Adblock for YouTube Chrome Extension

4. Audio Only for YouTube
Earlier we told you about Streamus extension. This Chrome extension turns YouTube into a jukebox. Sadly, this extension has been discontinued.


However, recently we encountered Audio Only for YouTube. According to us, this is also an effective extension. Using this extension you can blank video playback. This will also reduce data consumption. In this way you will be able to use YouTube as a jukebox in the background.

download audio only youtube


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