Learn about Apple’s iOS 10, macOS Sierra, and watchOS 3

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Apple made a number of software-related announcements at WWDC 2016—from iOS 10 to macOS Sierra, watchOS 3, and the expansion of Siri. Let us tell you about these in detail.

In its keynote address, the company finally announced the rebranding of OS X to macOS. The next version will be known as macOS Sierra. The beta version will be released in July and the polished product by the end of the year. Sadly, not much has been revealed about the new OS at the moment.


Talking about some features of the new macOS, now you will be able to unlock your Mac through your Apple Watch. It will now come with a universal clipboard that will work with every device. It will have the ability to sync desktops between different Mac machines. A new file syncing option has been provided to save space. Apple Pay and Siri for Mac are some of the new features that have been made a part of macOS. Now with the help of this voice-based virtual assistant, users will be able to do much more than just searching files on their MacBook. Siri has also been integrated with apps like Apple Music and Apple Pay, meaning it will now be possible to command them through voice.

The biggest announcement today was about iOS 10. The new version of Apple’s mobile and tablet operating system has been released to developers. The first beta version will be launched in July and will be available to the general public by the end of the year.


The company has described it as the biggest iOS release till date. Apple has introduced 10 new features in iOS – a redesigned lock screen with more notifications, the ability to interact with apps faster and the expansion of 3D Touch. Voice-based virtual assistant Siri has been opened up to third-party developers. In the coming time, users will be able to use this feature in other apps and services besides Apple. Siri has been improved. It will now also be available with native keyboard.

Many major improvements have been made to the iOS 10 Photos app. It will now be equipped with facial, object and scene recognition features. All these actions will now happen on mobile devices only.

A major change has also been made in the look of Apple Maps. Apart from suggesting places, it will also come with the ability to search while en route, better user interface and traffic information. The new maps feature will also be brought to CarPlay. Apart from this, the company announced that the platform is also being opened to developers. Now users will be able to search for restaurants and book Uber cabs right within the Maps app.

A huge upgrade has been released for the Apple Music app. In the new design, tabs like Library, For You, Browse, Radio and Search will now be at the bottom. A new lyrics pane has also been provided in it. The interface of Apple News has also been redesigned. New features include new lock screens for subscriptions and breaking news notifications.

New features in iOS 10 include a new Home app along with an improved HomeKit. With the help of this app, users can control all HomeKit devices from one place. New features include voicemail transcription, phone spam and more. Finally, Apple has also improved its Messages app. The new features of this app are link preview, better camera integration, larger emoji, emoji suggestions, new bubble effect, Apple Music integration and finally the addition of iMessage app.

Now let’s talk about watchOS. Apple is claiming several improvements in watchOS 3, such as the ability to pre-cache apps and launch them immediately. Also the ability to update app information in the background. The Side button will now open the Dock. Control Center is included which is possible to access by swiping up. Enhanced message reply and scribble capabilities that convert handwriting into text. Several new watch faces have been introduced. Users can change these by swiping.


Reminders and Find My Friends have been brought to Apple Watch through watchOS 3. A new SOS feature has also been provided in it. If the user presses and holds the side button, it can call the designated emergency number. It works through a smartphone connected to Wi-Fi or data. Finally, let’s talk about tvOS. The new version introduced with the third generation Apple TV comes with many changes. There are now 6,000 apps and 1,300 video channels on this platform.


There’s a new Apple TV remote app that integrates with touch, Siri, and motion controls. The company is also introducing a sign-on feature that will make it easier for users to sign on to the cable TV network.


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