Know in these ways who blocked you on WhatsApp

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Do you think a friend has blocked you on WhatsApp? Do you also want to know whether your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend has blocked you on WhatsApp? We will tell you how to know this, so that you can be sure that no person is ignoring you on WhatsApp.

The developers of WhatsApp have officially explained some ways about this, but you cannot trust them completely. Because they come with possibilities, and are not completely effective. But there is an effective method also. Let us tell you about all this in detail.

1. Check Last Seen or Online Status
In case of doubt, first try to go to the profile of that user and check the ‘Last Seen’ or ‘Online’ status. To do this, go to that user’s chat window. There, below the contact name, you see Last Seen or Online written, then that person has not blocked you on WhatsApp. If nothing is visible below the profile name then it is likely that the user has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Shortage: This technology does not come with 100 percent guarantee. Because in WhatsApp, users have the option to hide ‘Last Seen’ status and many users have started using it. It is also possible that the user you suspect is not connected to the Internet. In such a situation, ‘Online’ status will also never be visible.

2. Profile picture and status
On WhatsApp, users usually post a profile photo and it is mandatory to write a status. To solve your dilemma through this technique, go to the profile page of any user. If you can’t see his profile picture, it’s likely that the person has blocked you. This is also mentioned on the official website of WhatsApp. If you are not able to even see the status of that person, then the chances of being blocked further increase.

It is worth noting that on WhatsApp, the user has to write something in his status. If you don’t want to write anything then you have to choose one of the custom statuses given by WhatsApp. If you see the status column empty on a user’s profile page, it is possible that he has blocked you.

whatsapp profile status screenshot

Shortcoming: It is possible that the user is not using a profile photo. In such a situation, you could not confidently claim to have been blocked just by seeing the picture. Apart from this, keeping in mind the privacy of the user, there is also an option to hide the profile photo and status in WhatsApp. If a user does this then obviously you will not be able to see his profile photo and status. Keep in mind that by choosing this option, the changes apply to all users, that is, even the common friends of both of you will not be able to see all these things.

3. Blue tick mark
Whenever you send a message on WhatsApp, it shows two gray tick marks when delivered and when the message is read by the contact to whom it has been sent, blue tick marks start appearing. A single tick mark appears if the message is not delivered. If someone has blocked you, you will always see a single tick when sending messages.

whatsapp blue tick screenshot

Shortage: It is possible that the friend you suspect has blocked you may not have been connected to the Internet for several days.

4. Voice Call Test
If you have been blocked by a contact, no matter how hard you try. You will not be able to connect with him through WhatsApp call. A WhatsApp call will be made and you will be able to hear the ring, but that call will never reach that user. This does not guarantee that it will not be blocked from anywhere.

Shortcoming: Who knows, that person may not have blocked you and is deliberately not picking up your calls. In such a situation, the situation of confusion will remain.

5. ‘Group’ test
Through this technique, you can be completely sure whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp or not. First of all, go to WhatsApp and create a group. Try adding the user you suspect to the newly created group. If that person has not blocked you then you will be able to easily add him to the group. But this will not be possible in case of blocking. We tried this technique on Android and iOS devices. On Android we got the message ‘Could not add…’ and on iOS we got the message ‘Failed to add…’. This kind of confirms the blocking. This means that you can only add a person to any group who has not blocked you.

whatsapp group screenshot

The first four methods we suggest do not come with complete guarantees. If you want, try all four methods one by one. If you do not get negative results in every test, then you can definitely assume that the person has blocked you. Or you can directly try the fifth method. You will know at once which user has blocked you. Ultimately our suggestion would be to exercise caution before trying any technique. Who knows, one mistake and your friendship is ruined.

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