If you are worried about banning of apps like Tiktok and WeChat, then try these apps.

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The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps considering them a threat to national security. At present, it is not clear on what basis this list has been made. Is this decision of the government right or wrong? This will be discussed later. But the ban imposed now is being linked to the growing standoff between India and China. In such a situation, there are less chances of immediate return of these apps. Now if you also use any of these 59 apps, then the question must be arising in your mind that what next.

First of all, take a look at the list of 59 apps banned by the Government of India, so that you can know how many of these apps you use which have been banned. After looking at the discussion happening on social media, we found that the most worried are the users of TikTok, UC Browser, Shareit, CamScanner, Shein, Mi Community, Club Factory, Xender, Mi Video Call and WeChat.

All these apps are very popular apps. In such a situation, it is absolutely natural for their users to be worried. But we have found some alternatives to these popular apps for your convenience.


There are many alternatives to TikTok. Some are even Indian, like Mitron and Chingari. But these apps are very new and hence we cannot suggest you to use them. It would be better to switch to Instagram. If seen, popular creators of TikTok are also present on Instagram.

on Instagram iOS , Android&hl=en_IN” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Android

UC Browser

Even though UC Browser is very popular in India. But in terms of popularity it is still behind Chrome. That means you can use Google Chrome as a great alternative. Mozilla Firefox is also a good option. New features come to this platform regularly, such as its own VPN. In such a situation, we would suggest you to use this app.

Mozilla Firefox on iOS , Android

The popular Shareit app is used to transfer files between two phones. If you are dependent on this app then there is no need to panic. There is a built in AirDrop function for iOS users. Android users can use Google’s own Files Go. With the help of this app you can manage your files. You can clean up your phone’s storage and transfer it without using any data.

Files Go on Android.apps.nbu.files&hl=en_IN” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Android

CamScanner has become the name of document scanner for a long time. If you have ever tried to back up physical documents and books, then you would know the usefulness of this app. However, in recent times Microsoft Lens and Adobe Scan have emerged as great alternatives. According to us you should use Microsoft Lens. Because it is more user friendly.

Microsoft Lens on iOS , Android

It is very easy to use the new app in place of WeChat app. Because there are many call and chat apps available in the market. We would not suggest you to use WhatsApp only right now. Because this platform is very popular.

WhatsApp on iOS , Android


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