If you are fond of reading eBooks then these 5 Android apps are useful for you.

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Books are the mirror of the society. For a healthy society, it is important to be educated and for that, reading. But gradually there is a decline in the sales of books. It is not that people have stopped reading or buying books altogether. There has been a decline, but technology is also an important reason behind it. Smartphones have worked to make our lives smart. And gradually people’s reading style also became smart. eBooks have become very popular since the advent of smartphones.

Reading digital books first started with ereaders. The credit for this goes to ereader gadgets like the Kindle, Nook and Kobo. By this time smartphones had arrived but books could not be read easily on their screens. But as smartphone screens got bigger and their resolutions got better. Reading books on smartphones also started becoming popular.

Now, on the same date the books are launched, their eBooks also become available in the stores. Apart from this, there is a wealth of free ebooks on the internet. Whatever you want, get it by Google. This is a matter of books i.e. eBooks. Now the question arises how to read them.

So let us tell you that today there are many great apps available for reading ebooks on Android. In this way, Google Play Books app is pre-installed in every Android device. But many users want more features in an eBook reader app. For such users, we have found some eBook reader apps. Let’s take a look at these apps.

aldico app
Android&hl=en” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>aldico It is a very simple and clean Android eBook reader app. In this you will be able to use ePub, PDF and Adobe DRM encrypted e-books files. The interesting thing is that it comes with many customization options. The user has the facility to decide the text size, margin, page layout, brightness, font and colors. This app is available for free on Google Play. It also has a premium version. Aldeco Book Reader Premium is priced at Rs 229. By installing it, you will be able to add notes while reading and will also get rid of the frequently seen advertisements in the free version.

kindle app
You must have heard about Amazon’s Kindle gadget. There is also an Android app with the same name. This app is equipped with multi platform sync feature. kindle app But you will be able to read only the books available in its store. Some of these books are available for free, while for most of the books you will have to pay a price. Kindle has also launched a Kindle Unlimited package for the convenience of Indian users. For this you will have to pay Rs 199 per month. After which you will be able to read all the books in the Kindle Unlimited section.

kindle app screenshot

There are more than 1 million books available in the Kindle Store. The good thing is that the books are made available on this store with the launch. Its customization options will also fascinate you. You can decide the font and brightness. The Kindle Sync feature lets you sync Last Read Pages across different platforms.

google play books
With the help of Google you can only search eBooks. And you can also read them by uploading them on Google Play Books app on your Android handset. Earlier there were not that many good reactions regarding play books. But Google has made a lot of improvements in its ebook reading. It is pre-installed in every Android handset. The app’s book store is also great. If you already have ePub and PDF files, then there is no need to worry. You will be able to use them by uploading them on Google Play Books. In this app also you will get many customization options, such as font size, night mode, and brightness.

google playbooks screenshot

Moon+ Reader
eBook readers will also love the Moon+ Reader app, especially because of its interface. Many options for customization are provided. This app does not have its own bookstore, but the UI makes it different from others. You can decide the font style and size. Background, spacing, paging mode, autoscroll and many other great features are part of this app. This app can be downloaded for free. However, its Pro version is available for around Rs 332. If you already have many eBooks then download this app and start reading. Believe me you will not be disappointed. Even though this app does not have its own bookstore, you can get ebooks from other platforms through the NetLibrary section.

kobo ebooks app
The Kobo eBooks app is very similar to Amazon’s Kindle app. It also comes with multi platform sync feature. If you have a Kobo ereader, you can continue reading books on other platforms with the Kobo app. Kobo Books also has a great book store. From here you can find books of your choice.

Apart from these, you can also use FB Reader, Universal Book Reader and PocketBook App. Every app has its own specialties and also some shortcomings. You can choose among them as per your convenience and choice.

What app do you read ebooks on? Let us know through the comment section.


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