If only! WhatsApp would also have these eight features

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More than 16 crore people are using WhatsApp in India. WhatsApp is a useful tool. Most importantly, its need is even greater because almost everyone knows how to use WhatsApp. Video calling has started in WhatsApp and it is believed that users will like this feature a lot.

Recently, features like video calling, writing on photos and videos, mentioning in group chat, quoting replies were added to WhatsApp. It clearly shows that these features of WhatsApp are imitations of features of other popular apps like Telegram, Snapchat and Skype. Learn about eight other features we all want to see in WhatsApp and which are available in other popular apps.

1) Download media as per your choice
WhatsApp currently has global settings for automatic downloading of media like photos, videos, audios and documents. Whether they are sent to a group or a single user. Everyone knows that media downloads should be turned off on mobile data so that your internet data is not wasted. Apart from this, it can also be advised to stop media downloads completely to avoid filling the internal storage of the phone with useless media files. But due to this, even the files coming from selected people from whom we want to download are not able to be downloaded. And these files are downloaded only when we click on them. The feature of greater control over media with auto download by different people and groups is probably what every WhatsApp user wants.

2) Separate tabs for chat with group and single users
However, WhatsApp is a platform for informal conversations. But due to its unique and special feature, many important conversations are also held here. Apart from this, many of us communicate with office colleagues on WhatsApp. Many times when you open WhatsApp, you see many messages in these groups at the top. If you want to check each chat window one by one, you will have to see all these groups.

If you have such a view in WhatsApp, it will make the conversation between two people easier. The trick is to separate chat tabs for group conversations and one-on-one conversations with users.

3) Login directly from desktop (no connection required on phone)
It was really great to be able to get WhatsApp on desktop despite having to look through the phone and desktop for every message received. But it is not very convenient to use. To use WhatsApp on desktop, it is necessary for the phone and internet connection to be on. Sometimes this is not convenient at all. For example, if your phone is not charged and you want to reply to someone on WhatsApp from the computer. Whereas the messenger apps of Telegram or Facebook work completely differently on desktop and phone.

4) Do not join the group without checking.
Friends and relatives have this habit of including us even if we do not want to join a group. And many messages like Nano-GPS rumours, jokes and forwarded messages keep coming in these. On WhatsApp, a user can be blocked but not a group. Therefore, in the group you can even spam those people who have blocked you. There should be a feature through which we can choose whether we want to join the group or not. This feature can also be like friend request on Facebook.

5) Migrating chat backup between Android and iPhone
Are you also afraid that if you ever switch between Android and iPhone, your WhatsApp chat will get deleted. WhatsApp on iOS only backs up chats that are stored on Apple’s device-exclusive iCloud. Whereas Google Drive is used on Android. Google Drive service is also available on iOS but iOS users cannot restore their chats from there. Apps like Telegram keep their encrypted backups. Use the service which makes it easy to switch to different platforms. But it seems WhatsApp doesn’t want all the world’s chats and media on its servers. But we think there should at least be a way for chat migration between the world’s two largest OS mobile platforms.

6) Audio Conference
WhatsApp launched the voice calling feature in March last year. And now we think it’s time that WhatsApp gets audio call conferencing feature. This will make it easier for not only WhatsApp users but also their friends to connect. This will also benefit traders, especially users doing weekly conference calls.

7) Facility to queue messages when there is no connectivity on iOS
The problem of not being able to send messages has been there for iOS users for years. And now it seems very strange that the company has not solved this problem yet. In case of no network on the iPhone (when in an elevator or airplane), the message can neither be written nor sent. So that it gets delivered automatically when the phone is connected back to the internet. It doesn’t seem like there is any technical problem on iOS because Facebook Messenger works fine.

8) Encrypted Cloud Backup
WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption for chats. But chat backup is not encrypted. If you back up a conversation to iCloud or Google Drive, it is not encrypted. Which means that anyone can take advantage of the message after seeing it. This problem will be solved with the advent of encrypted backup.

Do you also want one or two features to be added to WhatsApp? Let us know your opinion by commenting below.

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