How to use the new reply feature of WhatsApp

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Messages come so fast in an active WhatsApp group that by the time you respond to a particular message, the conversation will have moved somewhere else. The situation becomes more awkward when two people in the group start talking to each other on a particular issue.

Has it ever happened to you that you wrote a reply for something else? But that thing was linked to a third thing which became the reason for the displeasure of the person in front. For such situations, WhatsApp has added the ‘Quote Reply’ feature to the app.

Almost a month has passed since this update was released. Many of you may already be using it. But for many it is also new. After the latest update, every user of WhatsApp gets the option to reply to a particular message. By using this feature, the message regarding which you have written will also be seen attached to your reply. This feature has been made available for Android and iOS users.

Don’t know about this feature? Let us tell you about it in detail.

1. Press for a short while the message to which you want to reply directly. After this you will see many options. In iOS you will see many options including Star, Reply, Forward. In Android, you will see several signs at the top of the app window. One of these will be a left side arrow symbol. This is the reply button.

whatsapp reply button screenshot

2. By selecting Reply on iOS and the arrow symbol on Android, the message will be embedded in your text box.

3. After this type your message and press the send button.

In this way you will be able to reply to any specific message. With the help of this feature the situation of confusion will end. The new feature is very useful in group chat. Especially when the discussion is on many topics.

To reduce wastage of screen space in WhatsApp, quoted messages are not shown in their entirety. If you tap on that message, WhatsApp will automatically scroll you to that message.


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