How to type and search content in Hindi on mobile phone

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Today, i.e. on 14th September, the country celebrates Hindi Diwas. Hindi got the status of official language on September 14, 1949. Since then ‘Hindi Day’ is celebrated every year on this day. Till a few years ago, Hindi language was not supported in smartphones, but now there are many keyboard apps including Google, which allow you to type in Hindi language (How to type in Hindi). The number of people writing posts and searching content in Hindi on the Internet is increasing rapidly. If you also want to search or type content in Hindi language, then we have brought this useful article for you. Although there are many other apps available for typing in Hindi, but here we are going to tell you the easiest way. For this you will not need to install any third-party app in your mobile phone or computer. Let us know about these methods.

Almost all smartphones except Apple work on Android operating system and come equipped with Google’s own keyboard app. There are some companies that come equipped with their own keyboard apps, but in that case also you can install GBoard or Google Indic Keyboard from Google Play Store. Both these official keyboard apps support Hindi language. Google has introduced a special Google Indic keyboard for India, which supports many local languages.

How to type in Hindi on mobile phone (default GBoard keyboard)

The way to access keyboard settings is different on different brands of mobile phones. That’s why we are telling you an easy way.

1. First of all, go to any messaging app or Notes app and bring up the keyboard for typing.
2. In the keyboard you will see a ‘globe’ icon (near the space bar). You have to tap and hold this globe icon.
3. Now you will have a small menu of languages, below which ‘LANGUAGE SETTINGS‘ Must have been written. You have to tap on it.
4. ‘Down here’ADD KEYBOARD‘ There will be a button, by tapping on which you will see all the languages Names will come.
5. Now you Hindi (India) Language has to be selected and below’Done‘ Have to tap on.

Note: After completing the above steps, Hindi language will be added to your keyboard. Now whenever you want to use Hindi language, you can switch to Hindi language by single tapping on the globe icon. Similarly, you can single tap on the globe icon again to switch to English language.

How to type in Hindi on mobile phone (Google Indic Keyboard app)

1. First of all Google Play from the store Google Indic Keyboard Install the app.
2. As soon as you open the app, it will ask you to change some settings. You have to follow it.
3. First of all’Enable KeyboardTurn on the keyboard by tapping on the ‘ button.
4. now’Select Input Method‘Tapping the button’English & Indic LanguagesSelect ‘.
5. now’Set PermissionsTap on ‘ to see the wages demanded by Google’allow‘Do and’acceptTick ​​the option and swipe right. After this choose the keyboard theme and click ‘Get StartedTap on ‘.

Note: Now Indic keyboard is setup in your phone. Now you have to go to any messaging app or Notes app and bring up the keyboard for typing. At the top of the keyboard you will see language tabs. From here you can choose English and Hindi language.


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