How to make Reels Remix video like duet of TikTok

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Recently, Instagram had rolled out the new Remix feature, through which you can create your latest reel video with your favorite reel video. This is a very interesting way to create content, collaborate with other users and engage others on this app. Through this feature you can sing songs, dance and create mimicry videos and share them on reels. This Remix Video feature is very similar to TikTok’s Duet feature. Now you might be wondering how to use this Remix feature, so today this article is going to help you.

How to Remix Instagram Reels

– First of all, open Reel in Instagram and select the video on which you want to make a remix.

– Now click on the three dots above the video and select the “Remix this Reel” option.

– Now you will see that the original reel video is visible on one corner, and on the other corner you will get the opportunity to make your own video. Here you can record your new reel video, apart from this you can also add old reel video from the gallery here.

– Now click on the arrow button on the left side.

– After the video is added, you can apply filters to the video, change the side of the video, adjust the audio level, apart from this you can also do your voice over.

– When your video is completely ready, you can share the video by clicking on the Share button.

How to Enable or Disable Remixing on Reels

This Remix feature is only available on newly uploaded Reels, so if you want people to remix your older Reels, you can manually tap the three dots on your video and enable remixing. But, if you want to stop remixing on your Reels, you can disable Remix.

You can view Remix reels on the Reels tab.


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