How to Lock Unlock Chats in WhatsApp New Feature Update Tips and Tricks Details

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How to Use Lock WhatsApp Chat: For a long time, people were waiting for a feature on WhatsApp to lock a particular chat. Although a password/fingerprint protective lock feature was already present on WhatsApp, but this feature was used to lock the entire WhatsApp app. Now, with the new update users can lock any of their chats. Once locked, that chat can only be opened through fingerprint. Not only this, the chat goes inside a special folder, so that it cannot be seen among all the chats present outside.Apart from this, whenever a message comes from a chat or group chat that has been locked, it will neither be visible in the preview nor will anything be known about it through notifications. Everything will be saved in your ‘Locked Chats’ folder.

Regarding the feature, WhastApp says that it is very useful for those people who sometimes have to give their phone to their family members or friends etc. The feature will be beneficial when your phone is in someone else’s hands and only then you receive a private message on the phone.

Now without any delay let us tell you how to lock the chat. However, keep in mind that your WhatsApp should be on the latest version. If you have not updated WhatsApp for a long time, then check for updates on your App Store once.

How to lock WhatsApp chat?

  • First, open WhatsApp and go to the individual or group chat you want to lock.
  • Tap the name next to the chat or group’s profile photo.
  • Now scroll down, where you will see ‘Chat Lock’ option. Tap on it.
  • Now turn on this option. After doing this, WhatsApp will ask you to verify your fingerprint.
  • Now a new folder named Locked Chats will appear on the home page of WhatsApp.
  • All your locked chats will be in this folder and you will have to use fingerprint to open the folder.

How to unlock WhatsApp chat?

  • To unlock a chat, go to the Locked Chats folder and select the chat that needs to be unlocked.
  • Now tap on the name of the chat like before and scroll down and select the Chat Lock option.
  • Here you have to turn off the turned on option.
  • By doing this, that chat will come out of the locked folder.

Calls coming from personal numbers or group chats that you lock will not be locked. If your WhatsApp is linked on other devices, for example, on desktop, chats will not be locked there. The user whose chats you lock will not know about it.

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