How to edit PDF file for free

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Today we will talk about ways to edit PDF file for free. Actually, everyone Adobe Acrobat DC PDF editor Cannot afford the annual charge of Rs. If you take the help of Adobe Acrobat DC PDF editor, then you have to pay an annual price of Rs 12,168 for it. This app is known for better PDF editing, for which a ‘hefty’ amount is charged.

But there are some ways with the help of which PDF file can be edited for free. Today we will talk about some such mediums through which it is possible to edit PDF file without spending money:

Edit PDF for free online

This method supports Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS. It works great on Google Chrome with the support of iOS. Some tools do not work well on Safari.

1. PDF Escape Go to.
2. After this, drag the PDF file for editing or click on ‘Choose File’.
3. Now select the file which you want to edit.
4. After the process takes a few seconds, the file becomes available for editing. You will find tools on the left side panel. Here you are given options of text, blank white box (to erase and hide), fillable form etc.

PDF Escape is missing some advanced features, such as the move tool. It seems difficult to set the position of the picture. But for basic editing it is a better free option.

pdf escape

pdf escape

Convert and edit PDF to Word

It is easy to convert PDF file to Word file online. This process works on every platform.

1. pdf to word converter Visit the site.
2. Click on Upload a file to convert.
3. After this select the PDF file.
4. Your document will be ready in a short time. After this download it.
5. After editing, download the file again.

Inkscape or LibreOffice Draw

If you want to edit PDF file on desktop or laptop then Inkscape or LibreOffice Draw Can adopt. Both are free vector drawing apps, through which editing of PDF files can be done easily. For this you will have to take these steps:

1. Go to File > Open
2. Select PDF file
3. Now you will get space to edit text. The fonts you want to edit must be present in your system.
4. Once you’re done, select the File > Export as PDF option.

…So in this way you can edit PDF file without paying any charge. If you know of some other methods by which PDF file can be edited for free, then do let us know by commenting.

You Can Translate it in Your Language By Exiting Mobile Version
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