How to do two-step verification on WhatsApp

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Many other companies, including Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, are promoting two-step verification to provide more security. If you haven’t yet enabled two-step verification, we recommend you enable this security feature by following these simple steps for many popular services. Facebook-owned WhatsApp has also recently started two-step verification.

The new two-step verification is optional. But perhaps your WhatsApp account is the one feature you want to protect first. The company has assured that once two-step verification is enabled, a six-digit passcode created by the user will be required to verify the phone number on WhatsApp.

Currently, the two-step verification feature is only available for beta users. This feature can be released for common users in the coming weeks. Users using version 2.16.341 or later of the Android beta app can enable two-step verification. Users using Windows 10 Mobile beta app 2.16.280 can also enable this security feature.

For two-step verification on WhatsApp, you have to try these steps:

  • open whatsapp
  • go to settings
  • account got into
  • Two-Step Verification see
  • enable tap on
  • On the next screen, enter the six-digit passcode
  • After this re-enter the six digit passcode
  • Apart from this, you can also enter your e-mail address by going to the next screen.

The final step is optional, and WhatsApp asks for an email address to link your account. If you forget your six-digit passcode, WhatsApp will send a link to this email address that will disable two-step verification.

Remember that if someone forgets the six-digit passcode, WhatsApp will not allow the account to be re-verified for seven days after the last time you used WhatsApp.

WhatsApp team clarified, “After these 7 days, your number will be re-verified on WhatsApp without the passcode again but all your messages will be deleted. If your number is re-verified without a passcode after 30 days from the last time you used it, your account will be deleted and a new account will be created upon successful re-verification. ,

Have you enabled two-step verification on your WhatsApp account? Let us know through comments.


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