How to backup and restore deleted photos in Google Photos

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Are you looking for a great app to store your photos? If you too are afraid of deleting the photos present in your PC or mobile, then today we will tell you about the popular Google Photos. Google Photos is a great app for storing photos online.

google photos To use it, you must have a Google account. Learn through these tips how you can take advantage of your photos and videos on this free service of Google. Apart from this, we will also give you information about other services of Google Photos.

Google Photos is a free service where Google account users get 15 GB of free space. Users can use this cloud space to store photos and videos. Along with storing, Google Photos also has many other interesting features. You can edit photos and save them in a photo album. You can create a slideshow using filters.

Create backup in Google Photos from computer like this
Click the photos on your computer, go to Google Photos and sign in with your Gmail account. Then click on the Upload Photos button and browse to the photo you want to upload.

Google Photos can be set up to back up photos from your computer. For backup, you will have to open Google Photos and select your backup source.

Make backup of Google Photos from mobile
Google Photos app for Android users” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>play store While for iOS users, Google Photos app Store Available at.

While downloading and installing Google Photos, make sure that the ‘Backup and Sync’ option (for storing Google Photos) is automatically enabled in the default setting. To store files in Google Photos, you will need the ‘Backup and Sync’ option. This can be accessed by going to Google Photos > Settings > Backup & Sync.

It is worth noting that a standalone app of Google Photos is also available for Windows and Mac. Google Photos can be downloaded and installed by visiting this link.

How to restore deleted photos in Google Photos
If a photo or video is accidentally deleted from Google Photos library, do you know how to restore it? But it is worth noting that any file in Google Photos can be restored only within 60 days of its deletion.

First of all, go to Google Photos app and tap on the menu. After this select the trash folder.

You will find all the deleted photos and videos in the Trash folder. Now select the photo or video you want to restore. After this, you can restore it by tapping on a small arrow mark.

By tapping on the trash can button in this folder, you can also delete photos and videos from your device forever.


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