Google Assistant, which understands Hindi, can help you in this task…

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You must have heard about the assistant of the giant tech company Google. Or might have ever seen and used it in your Android phone. Now Google Assistant has been made capable to understand Hindi language. Now Android users can experience this new feature. Actually, it is a virtual assistant which works to make the work easier for you. This assistant can help you in your daily tasks. It will start managing calendar, Gmail, search, photo, map and many such apps just by speaking to you. It’s like a real assistant who will answer your questions. It will be able to do important things for you, from laughing and joking to setting the alarm in the morning.

Today we will tell you which tasks can be done easily through Google Assistant. How you will be able to do the work as per your wish with the Google Assistant of your smartphone. That too in your own language. There are some features of Google Assistant which you can use in case of emergency when you are busy…

up to date

With Google Assistant, users can get important daily tasks done. You will be able to ask Google Assistant about cricket match scores, history questions, weather information, nearby news, ‘well-being’ of the country and the world. After saying ‘Ok Google’, speak to Google Assistant in your language and wait for the response. Also, how is the traffic in your area, how is the traffic in any other area. You can ask Google Assistant questions like what time is happening in any other country, what special happened today in politics, sports and other areas of the country and the world.

personal assistant

The responsibility of any personal assistant is to remind and help you about every small task. Google Assistant will also play the same role for you. You long press the home button. Say ‘Ok Google’ and say, ‘Set alarm for 7 am tomorrow’, ‘Show directions from New Delhi Railway Station to Greater Noida’, ‘Call boss’, ‘Turn on flash’. Your Google Assistant will do all this work for you. That is, in an emergency, if you have any item in both your hands and you have to open the lock of the house, then it will turn on the flash for you. In case of any unusual situation, you can also ask your family members to call you through this.

fun and frolic

You can also have fun and entertainment in your free time with Google Assistant. You can also have fun with Google Assistant by asking questions like ‘How are you, who created you, show me your laugh, tell me a joke’. However, it is possible that this assistant will give different answers to most of your questions. You can say, show me the sound of a horse, bark like a dog. In this way, it can also be used as a means of entertainment in free time.

Google Assistant will help you even while traveling. You can ask Google Assistant about the route ahead, good restaurants, places to visit, nearby cinemas, route from hotel to beach, nearby mobile phone shops etc. Not only this, you can also ask Google Assistant to turn on Wi-Fi, turn on airplane mode, and send messages. Also, Google Assistant will be able to open the camera on your request, take you to the photo gallery, tell the exact location of the car parking, and play music.

Here we would like to tell you one more thing. The feature of understanding Hindi language in Google Assistant is still new, so it is possible that it may not be able to give accurate and customized answers to everything you say and ask. We will be back soon with its ‘User Experience’, in which we will tell you in detail about its pros and cons.


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