Google Assistant, make calls and SMS without touching the phone

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You must have heard about the virtual assistant Google Assistant. It is possible that you have also used it in your Android smartphone. Just a few days ago Google Assistant the Hindi language Has been made capable of understanding. Actually, Google Assistant is a virtual assistant, which works to make the work easier for you. This assistant can help you in your daily tasks. It starts running Calendar, Gmail, Search, Photo, Map and many such apps just by speaking to you.

It’s like a real assistant who will answer your questions. It will do important things for you, from laughing and joking to setting the morning alarm. Most importantly, it is also capable of making calls and SMS at your fingertips. It is possible that sometimes you have stuff in both hands, you are in an emergency situation or you have only option to make a call instead of using your hands, in such a situation Google Assistant can call and SMS anyone for you. …

google assistant

Calls and SMS from Google Assistant

How to make a call or message with the help of Google Assistant, know…

Call from Google Assistant

With the help of Google’s virtual assistant, you can call friends, family and relatives present in your contact list by giving voice commands. For this you will have to press the home button of your phone for a few seconds. After this your Google Assistant will be activated. Here you say ‘Ok Google’ and after that you can order to make a call. For example, you have saved your father’s number with the name ‘Dad’, then say – Call Dad. As soon as you say this, Google Assistant will activate and find the number from the contact list and ask you to confirm. Then you have to proceed further by answering yes or no. In this way, you can call anyone anytime with the help of Google Assistant. We ordered Google Assistant to make a call from the LG G5 running Android 7.0, which it did well. We also gave the command ‘Call a cab’, after which Google Assistant showed us the options of cabs available nearby and also took permission from us to place a call by selecting the options.

SMS from Google Assistant

Using Google Assistant to send SMS to people in your contact list is as easy as making a call. To send SMS from Google Assistant, press and hold the home button of your phone for a few seconds. After this, take the name of any person present in the contact list and say ‘SMS Mohan’, then the options of Mohan present in the list will be shown to you. After this, you can also get the message typed by speaking by choosing the right option. For this, Google Assistant asks you to speak the message. In this way, with the help of Google Assistant, in an emergency, in a meeting, in a bus or train, you can convey your message just through message. In this way, Google Assistant also provides you the perfect facility of messaging along with many services. We tried it and we didn’t face any problems with it.

…So this was the way to make calls and messages with Google Assistant. If you want to know in detail about Google Assistant and its capabilities then click here Read it after doing it.


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