Free and Paid Windows Antivirus Software

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In the last decade we have become addicted to the Internet. We have become completely dependent on it. And some people want to take advantage of our helplessness. In such a situation, the role of antivirus tools increases.

As time has passed, the threat has become more serious. In such a situation, antivirus software has also been prepared for every new threat. Even though most OS manufacturers make some security tools a part of their systems, it cannot be completely trusted in case of a serious threat.

A good security package should provide protection from viruses and malware. It is better if it also has user-friendly firewall protection, parental control options, phishing protection, and many other great features.

The most important thing is that antivirus/security software should not affect the performance of our system. Plus it gets rid of popup notifications and doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many options available in the market, but we have selected some of the best options for you.

Bitdefender Internet Security
The Bitdefender suite comes with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, which is also available separately in the market. It works great. This claim is mostly being made on the basis of industry tests. According to PCMag’s testing, its spam filter is excellent. It is integrated with the popular Outlook. Its ransomware protection is also useful. Ransomwear cases are increasing these days, many people will like this product very much. Bitdefender’s Rescue Mode is a special safe mode. With its help you will be able to protect your system from ransomware or malware. Its autopilot feature keeps working continuously.

Separately, the 2016 version of this product is currently not available on Flipkart and Amazon. You can buy the 2015 edition on Flipkart for Rs 360. If you want the 2016 version, a license for three PCs is available on ShopClues for Rs 2,809. There is also a free version of Bitdefender’s antivirus tool available. If you are not satisfied with the 30-day Internet Security trial, use an antivirus tool.

Kaspersky Internet Security
The biggest feature of Kaspersky Firewall is that it decides which programs are allowed to open on the system and which are blocked, keeping in mind the needs of the user. Apart from this, it also does not open pop-ups on request of new applications. Its antivirus tool is available separately. It has got good ratings. Remote monitoring and management is also available in this suite. Kaspersky Internet Security has excellent phishing detection skills. It definitely blacklists the scam site. It also identifies such websites prepared with new technology. The software also lets you thoroughly scan pre-installed applications. The parental control system developed by Kaspersky has everything except remote management. It not only blocks websites that are inappropriate for children, but also prevents them from using proxy servers. With its help, parents can decide how much time their children should spend on the computer. It also comes with rating-based protection for video games, so your child doesn’t end up playing games meant for adults.

You will get Kaspersky Internet Security on Flipkart for Rs 574 and on Amazon for Rs 494.

avira antivirus pro
The name suggests it just features an antivirus program, but Avira also comes with a firewall and parental monitoring. A basic firewall lets you set guidelines and profiles for applications. So that you have more control when going to private and public networks. As soon as this software identifies children in the social networking module, it keeps protecting them from suspicious profiles.

You don’t get many add-ons in Avira. But if you’re looking for an entry-level suite that offers robust protection against viruses and malware along with simple firewall protection, Avira Antivirus Pro will meet your needs well.

Avira Antivirus Pro is available on Amazon for Rs 350 for one computer.

MCSoft Anti-Malware
It is clear from the name of MCSoft Anti-Malware that it is excellent in terms of malware protection. The software is quite smart, especially when it comes to giving new programs access to Windows. An additional feature is phishing protection. But its capacity is not very great.

Sadly, it is not available on Flipkart or Amazon. However, you can get one year license of this software for Rs 1437.64.

Symantec Norton Security
Symantec has been working on its security package for many years. The effect of which is visible in the presentation of the software.

Symantec delivers its Norton Security suite in a variety of styles. Its standard version is available for Rs 749, deluxe version for Rs 1,399 and premium version for Rs 2,999. These prices are for the first year only. This price may increase if they are renewed.

Sadly, there is no option available on websites like Flipkart and Amazon to purchase Symantec’s latest security suite.

McCafe Internet Security
Most vendors want to give you a complete package that goes well beyond your antivirus needs. McCafe or Intel’s protection is for every platform. Mac, Android or iOS devices.

McCafe Internet Security will cost you Rs 439. This price is on Flipkart. At the same time, the same product is available on Amazon for Rs 389.

eScan Internet Security
eScan Internet Security Suite comes with many features. Apart from being an antivirus tool, it also comes with web protection, privacy controls, firewall, spam filtering and endpoint security features. The antivirus feature uses Bitdefender’s engine.

To use it on a PC for a year, it will cost you Rs 599 if you buy it from Flipkart and Rs 404 from Amazon.

eSet Smart Security
Along with regular antivirus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, anti-phishing and parental control modules, you will also get social media scanner with eSet Smart Security. It also comes with anti theft system. It tracks the devices on which it is installed.

The latest version of eSET Smart Security is available on Amazon for Rs 499 and Flipkart for Rs 489.

avast free antivirus
In addition to scanning for malware as usual, Avast Free Antivirus will also check the programs you have installed. It also has a network scan that will check your router’s settings and configuration to find any vulnerabilities. Its finishing touch is its antivirus capability, but it’s also important to remember that it’s free.

Avast Free Antivirus is the only free antivirus software available in this list.

If you only need antivirus
If you want anti-virus, you can use Avast Free Antivirus, AVG Antivirus or Panda Free Antivirus. All these are available for free. On the other hand, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Kaspersky Antivirus and McCafe Antivirus software provide strong protection against viruses. However, you will have to pay a price for this.


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