Everything You Need to Know, Paytm Inbox, the new destination for chatting, know everything about it

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Paytm is no longer just a wallet. Now it has also become a messaging platform. The company has launched the inbox feature. From Paytm Inbox, users can send messages, photos and videos. Apart from this, you will also be able to use it to send and ask for money. Like WhatsApp, it is also equipped with live location sharing feature. This is not a separate app. Inbox is part of the Paytm app. And for this the app will have to be updated. In the latest Paytm app, the Inbox option will be visible in the navigation bar at the bottom.

With the intention of challenging WhatsApp, Paytm has emphasized on the message recall feature in the new feature in the blog post. Recently Delete for Everyone feature has been launched in WhatsApp. Apart from this, another WhatsApp feature – location sharing – is also provided in Paytm Inbox.

To chat with Paytm…

  1. Tap Inbox
  2. You’ll see messages, notifications, orders and games icons at the top
  3. Click the New message button at the bottom right
  4. Now Paytm users can start chatting with contacts
  5. Here you will see only those contacts who use Paytm.
  6. But if you chat or request money with a user who does not have the latest version (or iOS users) then they will not receive your message.
  7. If you want, you can also create a group
  8. At the bottom of the chat window, messages, camera, gallery, send and receive money and a location icon will appear.
  9. You can send text messages by going to Messages
  10. You can take real time photos and share them by going to the camera icon.
  11. Photos already saved in the phone can be sent by going to the gallery.
  12. There are two different icons for sending and receiving money
  13. Enter the amount of money you want to send and complete the further process
  14. By tapping on the location option, your location will be shared with the contact. This is possible through Google Maps.

The user interface of the Paytm Inbox feature disappointed us a bit as you are limited to a single line of text messages. This means that if you type a message longer than seven-eight words, you will not be able to see what you were writing in the beginning. Due to this, it becomes difficult to edit the message from the beginning. The company says that the messaging platform is end-to-end encrypted. And apart from private chat, users can also do group chat.

Let us tell you that the Inbox feature uses the phone number linked to your Paytm. The good thing is that we saw that almost all our contacts use Paytm. The reason for this is the large user base of Paytm in the country. Many people now use Paytm to avail e-commerce deals, make Uber payments and make offline payments when cash is not available. And this is the big advantage of Paytm Inbox among other new messaging apps. This is a big advantage of Paytm Inbox among other new messaging apps. Paytm is newly available on the Android app and it is expected that this feature will be rolled out on iOS also soon.

It is worth noting that at the time of demonetization in India in November 2016, the number of Paytm users increased rapidly. Paytm also says that currently the app has more than 20 crore wallets.

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