Election Commission’s app will be useful for voters during the election season, know about it

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How technology has brought changes in our lives. The best example of this is elections. The involvement of technology in the electoral process has made the situation easier for common voters. Voting from EVM and website of Election Commission of India. In this regard, Election Commission of India also has ECI app for Android platform. Let us tell you that assembly elections are to be held in five states in the month of February. In such a situation, the importance of this app of the Election Commission increases further.

In this, information about voters, candidates, Election Commission, election officials, political parties as well as the Election Commission from time to time will be available.

Election Commission App is very useful for voters. For your convenience, we have found special features in this app.

When you open the ECI app, you will see different sections in 6 circles. Below these there are buttons for SVeep and Video Tutorial. With the SVeep button, you will be able to watch the video and photo gallery of the Election Commission in this app designed for voters. At present these galleries are only of those states where elections are being held. Why is video tutorial given? Don’t know. Because despite our many efforts it did not work.

Among the 6 circular buttons, the most useful button for us is the Citizen button. As soon as you click on it. You will get four options.

new voter registration form
This is a separate app. This is not available inside the ECI app. This will have to be downloaded separately. You can register for voting icard here. Constituencies can be changed.
You can also download voter slip from this app. Suppose you are from Uttar Pradesh, then it is possible that you can vote in the upcoming assembly elections. In such a situation, you can download the voter slip in PDF format and keep it in your mobile also. For this you have to enter EPIC number (Voter ID card number) and submit. After this all the information about you will start appearing in the app. After scrolling the page you will see a download button. You can download and keep your voter slip by pressing this.

Data related to previous elections is also made available in this app. You will be able to check which candidates were there in which constituency. Who won these elections? This kind of information will make you an informed voter.

At first glance this is a good start to the app. There is a lot of scope for improvement.


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