Easy Ways to Download Photos from Facebook

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Most of us have been using the social networking site Facebook for many years. And have also shared many photos and videos with their friends and family. But it is not necessary that all the photos shared by us on Facebook are now in your mobile or laptop. Many photos may be available only on Facebook and may not be available on any of your devices.

But if you want all your photos to be present in your device. Today we will tell you similar methods by which you can easily download your photos from Facebook to your computer or mobile.

1) First of all, we will tell you about the feature of Facebook by which you can download all your photos with one click. Yes, Facebook gives you the option to download all your data whenever you want.

First of all login to your Facebook account and then go to Settings. Now go to Settings and click on the ‘Download a Copy’ option shown at the bottom. After this follow the guidelines given by Facebook. After this entire process, Facebook will provide an archived copy of your data.

But it is worth noting that the archived data is compressed, hence the images downloaded from it will be compressed and the quality of the images may get affected in this entire process. Also keep in mind that your archive data contains all the Facebook profile information and is now available on your computer. Now anyone can access it without your Facebook password. Therefore, if you do not need all this information then keep it safe or delete it.

2) Now, if you want to download a picture on Facebook then you have to click on that picture. After this, you will have to select ‘Option’ from the options given below. You can download the image in its maximum available resolution by going to ‘Options’ and clicking ‘Download’. Apart from this, you can also use the ‘Save Image As’ option by clicking on any picture and pressing the right button of the mouse.

For this on Android, you will have to tap on the picture and click on the menu button given at the top right corner of the screen. By going to the menu and clicking on ‘Save Photo’, the photo will be saved.

3) If you want to download an album previously shared on Facebook, then first go to your profile and click on Photos. And then go to the Album tab. Now click on any album you want to download. After this, you will see the gear icon on the top right corner, by clicking on which you will get the option to download the album. By clicking on this you can download the entire album to your computer.

4) Photos shared on Facebook can also be downloaded through third party apps. Through these apps, a single photo or the entire album can be downloaded.

PickandZip is also one such web based tool that supports services like Facebook, Instagram and Vine to download photos and videos. Upon logging in with Facebook, it will also ask the user for permission to access basic information.

To login, go to the homepage of Pick&Zip’s website and click on ‘Facebook Downloads’ in the top right corner and grant permission to the app. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a green ‘Find My Photos & Videos’ option at the bottom left corner of the window. By clicking on it, Pick&Zip will access all your photos and videos and organize them in a web interface.

To download photos from Facebook, click on and select the photo in the ‘Tagged’ and ‘Album’ tabs. You can download all the photos by clicking on Select All button. After this, you can download your favorite photos by following the instructions given in the app.


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