Do you know about these interesting features of Facebook Messenger?

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Today, most of the people use WhatsApp or Messenger app for messaging. The interesting thing is that both these apps are from Facebook. Just in the month of May itself, Facebook had told that now about 90 crore people are using its Messenger app.

To maintain user interest in this app, Facebook keeps adding some new features continuously. You can do a lot more with Messenger than just chatting, like making free video calls, sharing your location with friends, sending money to people, and many more.

Some companies have even started using it for customer support. Let us tell you about some such features of the Messenger app which you may not know about.

1. No need for Facebook account to use Messenger
To use the Messenger app, you do not need to create a separate Facebook account. You can sign up by downloading the Messenger app or through For this you will just need a phone number.

2. In Android, many users can login to the messenger app at the same time.
In Messenger’s settings on Android, you will find an Accounts option. Here you can add multiple accounts in one app. Those users whose phones can be used by multiple people can take advantage of this. Every person’s account remains private, only information about unread notifications is given. A password is required to login to another account.

3. Use on the web without logging into Facebook

messenger web app

Do you know that you do not need to log in to Facebook to use Messenger on a desktop computer? This is possible through Messenger’s web app. If you just want to chat, login to and connect with your friends.

4. Make Messenger the default SMS app


It has become possible to send SMS only through Messenger app on Android platform. Keep in mind that this feature will not be activated automatically. For this you will have to go to the settings and make some changes. First go to Settings in the Facebook Messenger app. After this select SMS from the given options. Now finally switch on the default SMS app.

With this, Messenger app will also become your default SMS app. Messenger chats and SMS chats can be identified through color coding. Facebook Messenger chats will appear in blue color and SMS chats will appear in purple color. It is known that for SMS and MMS sent through this app also, you will have to pay the price set by the telecom operator.

5. Voice and video calls are also possible through messenger.
Apart from sending text messages, the messenger can also be used for voice and video calls. You do not have to pay any extra cost for these calls. Make sure the internet remains free. Otherwise mobile data will definitely be consumed.

Through Messenger app, you will be able to call only those friends who use this app. For this, click on the video or phone icon at the top of the message window. A separate ‘Calls’ section is also provided in the app.

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