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About two months ago, comedian Tanmay Bhatt posted a video making fun of Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar. This video was widely criticized all around. Tanmay had made this video through social media app Snapchat. In this video, he swapped and mocked the faces of Lata and Sachin, recorded the video and posted it on YouTube. After this controversial video, many groups including political parties lodged an FIR against Tanmay. This video became the most talked about topic of debate in the media across the country and debates went on for hours on many channels. But in this whole controversy, not only Tanmay became very famous but Snapchat also suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.

Amidst all this controversy, Tanmay kept talking about Snapchat online and talking about it. After this, a lot of craze was seen regarding Snapchat among the Indian youth. Many people heard the name of Snapchat for the first time during this controversy, so many people downloaded this app and started using it. According to a recent report, Snapchat is being used by about 150 million people every day and it is rapidly becoming more popular among people than Twitter. But do you know what Snapchat is?

Today we will tell you all the things related to this social media platform Snapchat, through which you too will be able to use this app easily. What is Snapchat, its use, mocking, making videos, everything you want to know about Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?
Snapchat is a fun messaging application on which you can share your stories and your photos with friends and family. In this app you can take photos and videos, add captions or doodles to them and share it with a friend. Along with this, you can also share your memories in the form of a story with any one friend or everyone. In addition to viewing friends’ messages on Snapchat, you can also ‘Snap’ in Snapchatspeak for a maximum of 10 seconds and then it disappears.

Snapchat was launched in 2011 and initially became known as an app designed for teenagers. But soon it became a popular app worldwide.

One of the biggest features of Snapchat is its ‘Stories’ feature. Through this feature, users can post their story of the last 24 hours as a ‘reel’. This will make the video and photos appear as a ‘reel’ with (filters, face swaps, emoji stickers). This means that if you post one after the other throughout the day, they appear together as a story and if you want to make a separate post and do not want to ‘complete’ the story, then swipe left. By doing this you can post the next story. This story remains live only for 24 hours.

Features like face swapping on Snapchat and adding emojis to a moving video give users a great chat experience. Perhaps due to these unique features, Snapchat’s user base is increasing rapidly.

snapchat user
Everyone uses Snapchat. But it has been especially designed keeping teenagers and youth in mind. Snapchat has become extremely popular among teenagers. Due to its fun filters and face swapping, it is being liked by people of all age groups.

In India too, Snapchatters are on the rise and many have heard and used the app for the first time after the Tanmay Bhatt video controversy. Tanmay had used the most special feature of Snapchat, Face Swapping, in his video and this feature has attracted the youth and teenagers a lot.

Some special words used in the world of Snapchat

Snapchatters: Snapchat users

Snaps: Photos and videos taken via Snapchat (Snaps can be sent to a Snapchatter but only
It can be viewed only for 10 seconds and after that it disappears forever.)

Snapback: A response to a snap

Story: A Snap broadcast to your followers (a user viewing a Story can view it any number of times within 24 hours, and you can post multiple different Snaps to your Story within a day.

Scores: The total number of Snaps you sent and received

Chat: A feature that lets you send private/direct messages to your friends

Here: A feature that lets you start a live video chat by just sending a direct message

How does Snapchat work?
Snapchat is a bit difficult to use and you may get a little confused while using it. But once you get used to using Snapchat, it will seem fun.

The main screen of this app is your camera view and it may seem awkward at first to find and get stuck with the options around it. But have some patience and slowly try to understand how Snapchat works.

main screen
First of all, download Snapchat (it’s free) on your device and create an account and user ID. Once you do this, the app will always remain open and show the direct camera view only. The camera view is the main screen of the app.

The app has a flash icon on the top left corner to toggle the camera flash while the right corner has a camera button to toggle front and rear facing modes. The middle part is the camera view.

There is a big round camera button at the bottom of the camera view which is used to take pictures and videos (snaps). Video with sound can be recorded by holding the camera button and a picture can be taken by tapping the camera button.

There is a swirl icon in the left corner of the main screen that you can click on to show how many Snaps you have that have not been read. By tapping on it, or by swiping from the left, you can read the snap as well as search and directly message friends.

You can see a three dot icon in the bottom right corner. By tapping or swiping on it, you can view stories and discover content from multiple publishers.

add contact
By swiping down on the main screen or tapping on the Snapchat logo at the top, the option to add contacts will appear. After this, on opening the contact screen, a gear icon will appear on the top right to access a setting. But by going to the Contacts screen, you can find out who has added you, add friends and browse all friends.

Additionally, you can see your Snapchat score right below the Snapchat logo near your name. Talking about this logo, by tapping on it you can add a custom icon/selfie which will be visible near your name.

If you want to skip all this, swipe up and exit the Contacts screen.

Snap and customize
A snap can be taken by tapping the large camera button on the main screen or a video can be recorded by holding it. Once you’ve recorded a photo or video, a preview screen will appear with customized options that allow you to send the snap.

There is an If you click on the customization icon (looks like a pencil) at the top right, you will see a color slider. You can draw anything on the snap shown on the preview screen by selecting any ink with your finger. Text can also be written on the photo by selecting the text T icon near the customization icon on the preview screen.

Apart from this, different filters can be used according to location, current time, temperature by sliding the picture to the right or left. Apart from this, the color of your snap can also be changed. For this, keep swiping until you get the color of your choice.

After doing all this, you will see a round icon on the bottom left side of the screen on which a number is written. This number shows how many seconds the person you’re sending the Snap to will be able to view the Snap. By tapping on this icon, the time can be adjusted between one second and 10 seconds.

Next to the snap length icon is a universal download icon. If you select it, the snap is downloaded to your device. The icon made after this is for stories.

send a snap
You can send the Snap to your friend by tapping the blue arrow in the bottom right of the preview screen. After this, on a send to screen, you can select whomever you want to send the snap to. Once selected, the snap can be sent by clicking on the second arrow.

making a snapback
For Snaps you haven’t seen, go to the main menu screen and select the square icon in the lower left. After this, the list feed of all the snap replies (snapbacks) sent by you and received for you will appear. This also includes snaps sent by a friend. You can view any of these Snaps for a limited time but remember that after that it disappears.

So be prepared to take a screenshot, but the user who sent you the snap will get a notification that you took the screenshot. Apart from this, if you have watched one of the free replays you get, then the one free replay you get can be used. You can purchase a replay for additional views by holding down on a snap. But you have to use your replay immediately.

send story
In Snapchat, a story (which is a Snap) lasts only for 24 hours and the user can broadcast it to all his followers. On the preview screen, tap the Story icon next to the download icon. Remember, if you send a Story, User A can view it as many times a day as they want. You can also know who has viewed your story.

You can change who has seen your story by going to Settings.

watch story
You can view your story by tapping on the three-lined icon on the camera screen.

After this you will see the ‘Stories’ screen, on which you will see a list of your contacts and if there are any stories which you have not read. After viewing all the stories visible in Recent, the Recent category will automatically disappear. You can see the story by scrolling down the contact list.

Any user whose name appears with a cartoon symbol is a verified and official user on Snapchat.

On the same screen, you can view the content and original programming available on Snapchat by going to the Discover section at the top. By tapping on any publisher’s Story, you can stream their content broadcast exclusively through Snapchat.

check score
The number of chats sent and received on Snapchat is called a score. Swipe down on the camera screen to see your score. The score will appear next to your name below the Snapchat logo. Apart from this, you can also know the total score of a friend by tapping on his name in your contact list.

chatting with friends
Apart from Snaps and Stories, you can also send messages to friends. Swipe from left to right on the camera screen to access the chat feature. To message a friend, go to the contact list, tap on that friend’s name and select the chat icon. If you have already chatted with someone, their name will show in Recent on the chat screen. Swipe left to right to chat with them again.

In the Messages pane, you can take a Snap to send to a friend and also send a photo from your device’s photo gallery.

use hair
Remember, you can do live video chat with friends using Here, a sub-feature of Snapchat. For this, you have to go to any chat and tap on the video chat button near the camera button. To have live video and audio chat with your friend, you have to press and hold the camera.

applying lenses
When you use the camera screen to take a selfie, you can activate a new feature called Lensense by holding it on your face for a long time. It has facial recognition software through which it distorts your expressions and applies many different effects on your face. Once activated, a spider web-like cover is formed over your face.

You will see seven options near the shutter icon. Select one and follow the on-screen instructions.


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