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In today’s social media era, almost everyone is clicking and posting photos. We all understand that not every picture is worth posting on social media. In such a situation, if your smartphone produces a less than good picture, then you use some photo editing tool. We took 3 pictures. One of which is a selfie, the second is a picture of the hotel room and the third is a picture of the mountains. We used some editing apps in these three pictures. We downloaded several photo editing apps and found some of the best photo editing apps that we were impressed with. Let us know about them…


Along with being a popular social media medium these days, Instagram is also a photo editing app. It can be said that Instagram had long ago anticipated the use of pictures with ‘filters’ on social media. Saturation, sharpness, contrast and other filters can be applied through this app.



Now let’s talk about snapseed. The Google-owned Snapseed photo editor supports both JPG and RAW formats. This app is also helpful for photos taken with your DSLR. In this the levels and curves of the photo can be adjusted. It is capable of adjusting 8 control points. With this app, blur effect can also be added to the photo as per requirement.



You can use this photo editing app with the help of both iPhone and Android devices. With the help of this app, you will be able to use the photo editing features of both Instagram and Facebook. We really liked Visco’s filters. Those who are fond of photography may like this app.



Autodesk’s Pixel R is a popular photo editing app. The app has a clean interface and simple steps to apply filters. It has a pixelate tool, through which you can blur the photo. You can edit a part of the photo as per your choice. You can also make it bright and dark.



We especially liked the UI of Aviary. The tools given in it can be easily used. Here you will be able to use frames and stickers, there will also be facility to do beautification and other editing. The Enhance feature given in it adjusts color correction and basic brightness and saturation. The user also gets the facility to add doodles.


Lens Distortions

Through the Lens Distortions app, you can add some different and amazing effects to the photo. You can add backgrounds like light source, fog, rain through this. The special thing is that these effects appear quite real. This app is completely free but for some special effects it asks for a monthly subscription. Its Android version is still in beta but it worked better in our testing.


APUS Camera

Through APUS Camera app, you will be able to use tools like collage, makeup, filters etc. Besides, it also has some fun features, in which you can find out age, gender etc. by inserting a photo. Also, through filtered selfie you will be able to post selfies by making them interesting. The APUS camera app performed better. You can get it from Photo Lab on Android and Meitu on iPhone.


Apart from this, let us tell you that we also used apps like Prisma and PicsArt. But he did not perform that well. Some paid apps like SKRWT are also better editing apps, which will give you better services. Given the abundance of photo editing apps, we might have missed some apps, but you can do better editing of photos by choosing from the mentioned apps.


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