Be sure to install these 10 Windows apps on your new computer

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Whenever you buy a new Windows PC, you download tons of your favorite apps within a few days. Whenever we review a new laptop, many apps are installed in just one click. But every second day many such apps appear on the internet which we have never heard about. We found a similar thread on Reddit discussing apps you should install on your Windows PC. That’s why we also prepared a similar list for you. It not only has our favorite apps, but also selected apps suggested in the Reddit post have been made a part of the list.

1) clover
Clover works by adding tabs to Windows Explorer. Whenever you click on My Computer (Windows Key + E), it will open a new tab instead of a new window, just like a browser. This relieves you from opening multiple Windows Explorer at once. And switching between different tabs is also very easy. Once you start using Clover, you will wonder why Windows did not provide this feature by default. If you use Windows 10, open the new Windows Explorer as per Clover user. Then click View > Options > View tab > uncheck Launch folder Windows in separate process > then click OK. This ensures that this app runs smoothly on Windows 10 without any issues.


download clover

2) Everything
If you’re tired of Windows taking too long to search for something, give Everything a try. This is a very lightweight file search app that indexes all your files in just a minute. After this, the product continues to be delivered to you as per your search. It does this by indexing the file name. It cannot search the contents of the file. If you are very conscious about the name of your files then this is a very useful app. It doesn’t take up too much space which is a good thing.


Download Everything

3) 7zip
Windows is also able to open and extract ZIP files, but if you plan to use RAR files and other archives, you should download 7Zip. This is a free app that is just as effective as WinRAR. With the help of 7Zip, you can also create compressed archives on your computer.


Download 7zip

4) MusicBee
We already told you about the best MP3 players for Windows. MusicB was also discussed in this article. MusicBee is an excellent music player that will satisfy most users.

download musicbee

5) VLC


VLAC Media Player is a free app that plays almost every media file. Apart from music, you can also play movies files in this. It supports subtitles and also files that are equipped with dual audio. This has always been our favorite media player. And it is one of the apps that is installed first on the computer.

Download VLC Media Player

6) Bitfinder
We recently introduced you to the best free and paid antivirus apps. Among these, Bitfinder Internet Security is our first choice. If your PC is already infected, we suggest you install Malwarebytes.


Download BitFinder

7) Irfanview
IrfanView is a lightweight and very powerful image editing tool. It is liked by most of the staff at Tech News by Careers Ready. It can handle everything. From opening images to taking screenshots, or reducing the size of multiple photos at once. If you’re looking for an alternative to Photoshop, try Gimp or Paint.Net.


Download IrfanView

8) LibreOffice
If you have a Windows PC, you may also want to use MS Office. If you do not want to spend money for this, then you can use its alternative LibreOffice. This app is available for free. It doesn’t have what Microsoft’s Office app has, but it does its job well.


download libreoffice

9) KeePass
If you have multiple online accounts and their passwords are also the same. So the chances of them getting hacked increases. To avoid this you should use a password manager. This will help you create strong passwords. Well, our favorite app is 1Password, but it is a paid app. If you’re looking for a free app, KeePass also works well.


Download KeePass

10) flux
Most of us spend our time looking at the screen of a computer or smartphone. Due to this reason the possibility of eye pain increases. You can reduce the pressure on your eyes by using Flux app. If you use this app for a few days, you may soon start noticing the difference.


download flux

These are some of the first apps we install on every new computer. It is possible that your choice will be something else. Tell us about it through the comment box.


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