Apps Through Which You Can Take Screenshots and Edit Them, Edit Screenshots with these Apps

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Screenshots have become an important part of today’s smartphone era. Be it any big information on Twitter or any problem we face while shopping online, we end up taking screenshots. In today’s common smartphones, the shortcut to screenshot is given prominently. In such a situation, many times if we want to edit the screenshot as per our wish, remove something or add something, then there is no way in sight. …So why don’t we resort to apps that are capable of editing screenshots as per your wish?

Today we will talk about those apps in which we can edit screenshots through the given tools. Apart from this, there are also such apps which come equipped with features like taking screenshots, editing and recording the screen. Know about 5 such useful Android apps:

Touchshot (Screenshot)

touchshot one such app Through which it is possible to capture the screen with a single touch. You do not need to press heavy buttons of the phone for this. Talking about the features, this app can capture the screen, increase the quality of the image, record the screen, it is also fully capable of editing the image. This Android app with 4+ rating on Google Play Store will be better for screenshot editing.


on Google Play Store app The rating is also more than 4. This app can share screenshots. It is possible to trim the screenshot. Users can also paint the screenshot. You will also be able to edit the screenshot with text and other tools as per your convenience. Besides, this app is also capable of keeping the history of all the screenshots.

Screen Master: Screenshot & Photo Markup (Beta)

screen master app From capturing the screen, cropping, adding text, reducing image pixels, drawing circles, etc., it is capable of removing unnecessary elements. Its specialty is that it is a very light app. With a total size of 5 MB, this app is absolutely free. High quality screenshots are easily saved in it. It also supports PNG format. Saved screenshots can be saved to an external SD card.

Screenshot Ultimate

screenshot ultimate app The next name in this list is. This screenshot can be edited, drawn, text, info added. Rotation is also possible. Another photo can be superimposed on one photo. This app also provides the facility of screenshot adjustment. It also supports tablets.

Screenshot Utility (Beta)

screenshot utility like this app , which can do a lot with the screenshots you take. It provides draw, text mode, color manipulation and easy crop tool. There is also an option to delete all the screenshots one by one or together. Its rating on Google Play Store is 4.

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