5 strange Android apps you don’t want to download

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What do you do in your spare time? Book, song, cinema or gaming, common answers will be around this. But the truth is that we spend (uselessly) more time on smartphones in our leisure time. This has become our habit. And taking advantage of this habit, many app making companies have created very strange apps. After using these apps, your reactions may be like this – What is this? What a ridiculous app this is… making fools. Wasted time. But companies may have already expected such reactions. He has tried to do something new from his side. And as a result, such strange apps have emerged which you will definitely think twice before installing on your Android phone.

Ghost Detector Pro

ghost detector pro

Do you believe in ghost stories? Do you often feel the presence of someone else around you? So this app will give you information about the presence of ghost. Now the question is that when science has made it clear that there is no such thing as ghosts. So don’t know why this app has been downloaded more than 1 million (10 lakh) times on Google Play Store. This app tells you about ghosts by detecting different types of magnetic emissions using your mobile’s sensors. It is written on the page of the app that on the basis of this you can decide whether there is any ghost around you or not.

iBeer Free- Drink Beer Now


Before mentioning anything about this app, legal warning for you – drinking alcohol is injurious to health. And in Bihar (Gujarat too) do not use this app at all, who knows you may have to face jail. Well, this app is a symbolic way of drinking beer. Open the app and press the red button. After this, the screen of the phone will become a glass and it will automatically start filling beer. Now you can get the feeling of drinking beer by tilting your phone. And as soon as the beer is finished, there will be a sound of burping. That means no matter how many glasses you drink, you will not get intoxicated.

pimple popper

The company says about the app that you will find it disgusting, but you will get addicted to playing it. Yes, in this game you have to pop pimples. The sound that comes in the background when pimples are popped seems even more disgusting. But in your leisure time you can also waste time on this app.

Hug and let go of your grudges. You must have heard many elders giving these suggestions. The Spooner app tells you who is ready to hug you in your nearby area. Be careful that the person does not hug you. This app will use the location of your handset and then give you suggestions based on that.

pointless button
This app is exactly like its name. Just keep pressing a button. After tapping on the button several times, a picture will appear in front of you. Don’t stop…and keep tapping. Then the next picture. You’ll keep tapping to find out whose picture will be next. Isn’t this, a complete time pass.

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