10 things you don’t know about WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world today. Social media company Facebook bought this app in 2014 for $19 billion. The interesting thing is that Facebook’s own Messenger app occupies the second place in terms of popularity. We and you use WhatsApp every day, but there are many things about it that we are not aware of. What are all its operations and what can you do inside the app? Let us tell you 10 things about WhatsApp which you might hardly be aware of.

1. 5 people and a billion downloads
This app was downloaded 1 billion times on the Android platform by March last year. During this time, WhatsApp co-founder and CEO John Quam had tweeted that there are only 5 people in the team working on the Android version.

2. Facebook and Twitter did not give jobs to the company’s co-founders
John Kuan and Brian Acton previously worked with Yahoo. Both the people could not pass the job interviews given by Facebook and Twitter. After this he started devoting his entire time to WhatsApp. Just imagine what the world would be like today if one of these interviews had gone better.

3. Use WhatsApp to reduce the size of photos and videos
Well, there are many photo editing apps available to do this work. This work can also be done easily on WhatsApp, if you are willing to compromise with quality. First send photos and videos to a friend or yourself through WhatsApp. After this go to WhatsApp media folder (Android). In iOS you have to go to the Camera Roll folder. Compressed versions of these photos and videos will be found here. You can increase storage by deleting the original photo. And if needed, you can send reduced size photos and videos to other friends.

4. WhatsApp user account – (phone number)@s.whatsapp.net
The service uses a customized version of the open messaging standard XMPP (Extensions Messaging and Presence Protocol). It was first created in partnership with Jabber. For this reason, WhatsApp uses the (phone number)@s.whatsapp.net> ID protocol developed for Jabber.

5. Type “whatsapp://send?text=HELLO” in the browser
This messaging service also has its own web protocol which is used by most of the websites to create WhatsApp share feature. If you have WhatsApp installed on your phone and you type the above text in the browser, the browser will automatically open WhatsApp and ask you to select the contact to whom you want to send the message. After this you can customize your message as per your choice by changing the word “HELLO”.

6. Know when your message has been read
You sent a message to someone. Later I saw that the message had been delivered and had been read. but, when? You don’t know this. You know the blue tick game on WhatsApp. This indicates that your message has been read. If you hold a message and click on Info, you will know the time the message was delivered and the time it was read.

7. Custom Notification for Contact or Group
Whenever any WhatsApp message comes to your mobile, you will get notification in the same way. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for you to differentiate between important and non-essential messages. There is a solution for this also on WhatsApp. You can set custom message sound, ringtone, vibrate pattern. Apart from this, you can also activate the pop-up message window for WhatsApp contact or group. However, this will largely depend on the platform. You don’t have much options in iOS. You’ll have all the features you need on Android, meaning you can set custom notifications for your work group, friends and family.

8. Text Format – Bold, Italics and Strike Through
Basic text formatting feature was included in WhatsApp’s Android and iOS apps from March this year. This is also easy to do. For bold you have to put your message in asterisks. Underscore for italics and in tildes for strike through.


9. WhatsApp does not store user data
WhatsApp Web requires your phone and the data network on it because the company does not store your messages on servers. This does not happen with Facebook Messenger and Skype. Undeliverable messages are stored on all servers. Once the message is delivered to your device, nothing remains on the server. However, you have the option to store your messages on Google Drive or iCloud.

10. Messages on WhatsApp are completely secure
The encryption protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems has already been used by many messaging tools. Now the messages sent through WhatsApp are also completely encrypted. This means that no hacker or government can violate your privacy. Meaning your message cannot be read illegally.


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