10 best camera and photography apps for everyone

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Smartphone camera has become the most used camera these days. The days of taking photos with camera roll are completely over, now is the era of smartphone cameras.

Most people are not satisfied with the photos taken by their flagship smartphone cameras. In such a situation, it is important for the users to be familiar with those photography apps through which they can not only take good pictures but can also edit the photos. Whether you’re looking for an app to take photos or edit your photos, there are many options available to you today. These are the 10 best photography apps for the common user.

1) VSCO Cam
VSCO can be used as an editing tool with the camera app. It is equipped with many great filters. The community is fun and all the filters within the app are worth a try.

Download VSCO Cam… iOS , Android

2) Instagram
Instagram has become very popular in recent times. Now when we are talking about photography apps, the name of Instagram will definitely come up. Instagram is an app where users edit and make minor changes to their photos and make them public for the whole world to see. If you are interested in smartphone photography then definitely install this app.

Download Instagram… iOS , Android” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Android

3) over
Over is a great app where you can edit your photos and even add custom text or artwork on them. In this app you will get many options of different fonts and artwork. With its help, you can create professional images and even photos with happy birthday messages. However, this app is not free. You will have to pay for this.

Download over… iOS , Android

4) Google Camera
Google has integrated all its apps with the OS. And it continuously improves all its apps by releasing OS updates. Google Camera app works on all Android versions of Android 4.4 or above. It has many interesting features. The interface is very simple. You can also use effects like lens blur.

google camera Android.GoogleCamera” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>download

5) Camera +
Tap Tap Tap’s Camera+ app is the most used camera app on iOS devices. There are all options for you on this platform. From taking photos to editing, and then sharing them. It has some cool features, like playing with focus and exposure. Other fun features include horizon level and image processing. You will love this app on iOS.

camera+ app download

6) Pixlr-Free Photo Editor
Autodesk’s Pixlr app is for everyone. With its help you can make a collage. You can adjust many aspects of photos and even share them. Pixlr may seem frustrating at first glance, but its great interface and tons of great features make it worth using. It has features like pencil sketch finish, auto balance and color splash.

Download Pixlr… iOS | Android

7) Pixelmator
Pixelmator is a very powerful photo editing app. Its interface is so great that Adobe’s app will start looking weak. Pixelmator is great for advanced photo editing. The reason for this is repair and editing tools. You can make your photo better in just a few taps. After this, you can place the high-resolution photos in the location of your choice.

pixelmeter download do

8) Proshot
ProShot gives even people unfamiliar with photography on Android a chance to experiment with its excellent interface. It has many features that we find in professional cameras, such as histogram and granular burst mode control. The Pro also has an interactive demo that shows you how it works.

Download ProShot iOS , Android

9) Snapseed
Google’s Snapseed is another great quality professional photo editing app. The most interesting thing is how users add effects to photos. Everything can be controlled with gestures. There are many layers and filters in Snapseed. You can also delete a previously used layer during editing.

Download Snapseed… iOS , Android

10) Lumi
Lumi is a very simple app that does one thing very well. It tells you when is the most favorable time for photography. This time is around sunrise and sunset when the light is suitable for photography. Light is the most important thing for photography. In such a situation, Lumi plays the role of making your work easier. Lumi also has a Today widget.

Loomi download do

Did we not include your favorite camera app on this list? If so, then tell us about those camera apps through the comment box given below.


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