SSC GD Exam Analysis

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SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024

The much-awaited SSC GD Exam 2024 will be conducted by the Staff Selection Commission on multiple dates in February and March 2024. In this article, we will try to analyze the first shift of the first day of the exam on 20th February 2024. Candidates who have appeared for the exam in this shift can have a good idea of ​​the number of attempts and those who have the exam in the upcoming shift can understand what to expect in the paper.

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024: Good Efforts

As seen recently, the number of candidates appearing for the SSC GD exam is increasing and this has increased the level of competition. To stay ahead in this competition, candidates should be aware of the number of attempts in each section, which is reasonable considering the level of SSC GD Exam 2024. Candidates who have appeared for the first shift today must be curious about the number of attempts. This can be considered good enough to cross the cutoff of SSC GD Exam 2024. Candidates can check the table given below to have an overall analysis of today's first shift.

Subject Questions Good Attempts Difficulty Level
General Intelligence and Reasoning 20 17-18 easy
General Awareness and General Knowledge 20 11-12 Easy-Moderate
Elementary Mathematics 20 13-15 easy
English/Hindi 20 17-18 easy
Overall 80 58-63

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024: Questions Asked

A total of 80 questions were asked in the first shift of SSC GD exam held on 20th February 2024. These questions were asked from 4 sections and multiple subjects. In the next few paragraphs, we will look at the different questions asked in each of these sections. The thing to note here is that all these questions are memory-based. We will continue to update these lists as we collect more data.

Questions asked in General Intelligence and Reasoning in SSC GD Exam 2024

The 20 questions asked in this section were from different subjects. The pattern of questions was based on previous year papers. However, some new questions were also seen. The table given below contains the number of questions asked from different subjects in the Reasoning section in this shift.


No. of questions asked







Blood Relation




Dictionary Order


Hidden Figures


Sitting Arrangement




Mirror Image


Counting Triangle


Mathematical Operation


Paper Folding






Questions asked in General Awareness and General Knowledge in SSC GD Exam 2024

In recent years, SSC has shifted more towards the dynamic part of the General Awareness section i.e. the Current Affairs part. The questions/topics mentioned below were collected from different candidates as per their best recollection. We will add more information to this list as soon as any new information is received.

  • Who is the 10th Guru of Sikhs?
  • Mohininatam dance style is related to which state?
  • A question from the Second Panipath Battle
  • A question from Article 44 UCC
  • A question related to Bangra Nagal Project
  • A question from Jan Dhan Yojana
  • first session of inc
  • Who was the President of Myanmar at the time of India's independence?
  • A question related to Buxar battle
  • A question related to Agneepath scheme
  • DPSP is taken from which country
  • Physics- Scalar Vector
  • One question is related to Alaknanda River
  • A question asked from the battle of Tarain
  • 1 question related to Hampi
  • Where is Shantiniketan World Heritage Site located?
  • clarinetist in static
  • High Court Writ Article – Static

Questions asked in Elementary Mathematics in SSC GD Exam 2024

This is one of the most discussed sections among the candidates and they can usually revisit the questions/topics that appeared in the paper. Candidates who have examinations in the upcoming shifts can benefit greatly from this list and focus on those areas which they feel will maximize their scores.

  • question asked to belan
  • Rs 7200 were distributed among A, B, and C in the ratio 1/4:1/2:1/3. Then find the share of C?
  • 2 items same CP 5000 each. The first was sold at 10% profit and the second at 15% loss. Find the total profit/loss?
  • A sum doubles in 13 years, how many years will it take for it to become 6 times?
  • A can do a piece of work in 20 days, B in 30 days, C in 60 days. How many days will they take together?
Topic No Questions Asked
Profit & Loss 1
Mensuration 2
Ratio & Proportion 1
Percentage 1
Number System 1
Time and Work 2
Simplification 2
Time, Speed, and Distance 3
average 1
Coordinate Geometry (2D & 3D) 2
total 20

SSC GD Exam 2024 Questions Asked in English/Hindi

This is usually one of the highest scoring sections in SSC GD exam. It tests the candidates on various parameters regarding their language skills. 20 questions are asked on the topics of grammar, comprehension and vocabulary. The questions asked from this section in the first shift of the examination are as follows:

  • synonym -> lotus
  • Passage-> 5 questions
  • sentence correction 2,
  • grammar
  • 1 question related to gender
  • Antonyms 2-3
  • Idioms-> to bluff

For more details on this analysis, candidates can watch the video given below.

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