SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024, 20th February, Shift 3 Good Attempts

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The third shift of the first day of SSC GD Exam 2024 has ended and candidates have started sharing their exam experience. In this article we will look at various aspects of this change, for example, the number of questions asked, the topics of questions asked, the level of each section of the paper and the number of attempts in each section. Candidates who have examination in next shift or upcoming days can refer to this article to finalize their preparation.

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024: Good Efforts

In every competitive examination, the number of attempts made by the candidates in the paper is a very important factor in deciding the overall level of the examination and also has some impact on the cutoff. In recent years it has been observed that SSC keeps the standard of paper almost the same for all shifts. However, it is important to be aware of the analysis of each shift to be prepared for any surprises in the exam. The overall level of questions asked and good number of attempts for each section of SSC GD Exam 2024 20 February Shift 3 is summarized in the table below.

Subject Questions Good Attempts Difficulty Level
General Intelligence and Reasoning 20 17-18 easy
General Awareness and General Knowledge 20 11-12 Easy-Moderate
Elementary Mathematics 20 13-15 easy
English/Hindi 20 17-18 easy
Overall 80 58-63

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024: Questions Asked

Knowing the number of attempts and the level of the paper gives an overall understanding to the candidates. However, knowing the questions asked in the paper also gives candidates a more accurate picture of the exam. The questions given by us in this article have been collected by the candidates from various accounts and should be taken seriously as they are all memory-based. Let us now take a look at the questions asked in SSC GD Exam 2024 20 February Shift 3 in a section-wise manner.

Questions asked in SSC GD Exam 2024 General Awareness and General Knowledge

The objective of this section of the paper is to assess the level of awareness of the candidates as an active member of the world and the society in which they live. The questions asked in this section are generally classified as static and current. In the points given below, candidates can check the questions asked in the General Awareness section in this shift of SSC GD 2024 exam.

  • India's territorial waters with other countries
  • Which state in India has the highest literacy rate in 2023?
  • Which musical instrument did Bundu Khan play?
  • IIT was established in which five year plan?
  • In which year was the Gandhi-Irwin Pact signed?
  • A question was asked from the festival.
  • Which state hosted the National Games 2023 in India?
  • Gautam Buddha is related to which state?

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Questions asked in SSC GD Exam 2024 General Intelligence and Reasoning

The 20 questions set for this section are planned by the examiner in such a way that they test the ability of the candidates to process the given information and draw logical conclusions. The number of questions asked in the reasoning section of 3rd shift on 20th February is as follows.


No. of questions asked







Blood Relation




Dictionary Order


Hidden Figure


Sitting Arrangement




Mirror Image


Counting Triangle


Mathematical Operation


Paper Folding






Questions asked in SSC GD Exam 2024 Preliminary Mathematics

The Mathematics section of SSC GD 2024 exam is following the previous year pattern in the preliminary shift. The number of questions in each shift varies for each subject. The distribution of questions asked from various subjects in this shift held on 20th February is given in the points given below.

  • If P is 3000, R is 10%, T is 2 years, Find SI & CI
  • A:B:C= 1/2: 3: 2/3. And A+B+C= 3000, Find C?
  • P:Q:R=9:10:11. Find (P+Q):(Q+R):(R+P)?
Topic No Questions Asked
Profit & Loss 1
Mensuration 2
Ratio & Proportion 1
Percentage 1
Number System 1
Time and Work 2
Simplification 2
Time, Speed, and Distance 3
average 1
Coordinate Geometry (2D & 3D) 2
total 20

Questions asked in English/Hindi in SSC GD Exam 2024

The intention of the examiners behind the language section of the paper is to check whether the candidates can understand and interpret the given information properly. Questions are asked in the areas of grammar, vocabulary and understanding of the language chosen by the candidates. The questions/topics asked in this section of 3rd shift of the first day of examination are listed below.

  • Synonym, 2
  • passage-> 5 questions
  • Sentence Correction- 2
  • grammar
  • Antonyms -> 2
  • Idiom -> 2

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