Live TV will run on mobile even without internet! Know what is direct-to-mobile service and what will be its benefits

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If you are told that in the coming time you will be able to watch live TV only on your mobile phone, what will be your reaction? And if it is said that this Live TV will work even without internet So? Yes, this may prove to be true after a few months. Indian government Direct-to-Mobile Broadcasting It is working very fast and its trials are going to start soon.

In this article:

D2M trial will start in 19 cities

Information and Broadcasting Secretary Apoorva Chandra has given a big statement regarding Direct to Mobile (D2M) and said that soon the country will D2M technology will be tested in 19 cities, Addressing the Broadcasting Summit, Apoorva Chandra said that with the start of Direct-to-Mobile Broadcasting 25% to 30 percent of video traffic Will be shifted to this technology and this will also reduce congestion on 5G network.

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What is Direct-to-Mobile Broadcasting?

Direct-to-mobile broadcasting technology does not require internet to transfer any kind of data. With the help of D2M in smartphone Live TV can be played even without SIM and Internet, The way you can listen to FM Radio in your phone even without internet or data. This technology will also work in the same way in which there will be no need for internet or data to watch television.

What is the advantage of Direct-to-Mobile Broadcasting?

The biggest advantage of D2M will be that any type of video, audio and data signal can be transmitted directly to compatible mobile and smart devices. For this, there will be no need to depend on the Internet and multimedia content can be streamed live even without a SIM card. creation of this technology IIT Kanpur and Saankhya Labs Doing it together.

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With offline streaming, the increasing pressure on mobile networks will also be reduced and Increase in both 5G network coverage and range will be. With the arrival of D2M, the bottleneck in 5G network will be removed. of the country digital development will accelerate and Content Distribution But government control will increase and it will become more economical than now.

There will be changes in smartphone technology

After increasing the reach of D2M i.e. Direct-to-Mobile Broadcasting in mobile phones No need for high-speed internet for video streaming It will be done. But according to the report, to avail the D2M service It is mandatory to have D2M support in smartphones also will be. At present this support is not available in the mobile phones available in the market.

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In such a situation, after the start of D2M broadcasting service D2M Supported Phones This means that new phones supporting this technology will also have to be brought. New D2M supported mobile phones will have to be provided with a D2M antenna which will work like a DTH Set Top Box.

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