whatsapp introduce new text formatting options know how to use steps guide

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WhatsApp keeps upgrading its features continuously. Since it is a messaging platform, the importance of text features increases. The Messenger app has introduced new formatting options for text. With the help of these new text formatting options, it will now become easier for the user to manage text messages. Besides, text messages can also be made stylish. Messenger app has added these formatting options to the text named Bulleted Lists, Numbered Lists, Block Quotes and Inline Code.

WhatsApp has introduced four new features for messaging text format option Have presented. These latest additions to text formatting can benefit users in messaging in many ways. Through these the message can be presented in a better way. This will also help in saving time. Apart from this, communication will now be possible in a better way through messages. Let us know in detail how bullet lists, numbered lists, block quotes and inline codes will improve your text messaging experience.

Bulleted Lists
Points can be highlighted in the message using the bulleted list format. For example, if you are mentioning any kind of steps in the message, then through these bullets each step can be highlighted separately which will be easy for the receiver to read. To use this format, you have to give space after ' ' symbol.

Numbered Lists
The numbered list format will work like a bulleted list but here the steps can also be numbered. That is, the reader will be able to easily know through the numbers how many steps are involved in a task. To use the format, the user has to type 1 or 2 numbers, followed by a period and then a space.

Block Quote
Block quotes are used to highlight important text in a message. To use it, the user must type the > symbol, followed by a space.

Inline Code
Inline code is used when a line in a text message needs to be highlighted. To use it, the user has to write text inside the symbol ' '. That means these symbols should be present in front and behind the text.

According to WhatsApp, the new formatting options will also be available for Android, iOS, web and Mac users. Apart from this, all channel administrators will also be able to use them.


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