Threads launched to beat twitter with 50 lakh downloads in 4 hours what is threads how to download

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Threads app is a platform launched by Meta, the parent of Facebook and Instagram, which has been launched to compete with Twitter. We are saying this because as soon as it was launched, it had more than 50 lakh downloads in just 4 hours. In such a situation, the app is showing its strength and the rapidly increasing number of its downloads shows that Elon Musk’s Twitter can indeed face tough competition from Threads. How to download Threads, we will tell you the method. But before that, let us know what is there in threads, and how it will work. How it is going to compete with Twitter, we are telling you complete information about the app.

What is Thread?

Threads App Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched it yesterday. The app has been made available for use in more than 100 countries, which also includes India. Threads is a standalone app but can also be logged in with the help of Instagram. In this, the user will be able to tweet from his account just like Twitter. After launching the app, Mark Zuckerberg has said that Threads is an open and friendly public space in which people can interact with each other. He said that this is a platform that gives a new experience based on the features of Instagram.

Will Threads compete with Twitter?

Will Meta’s new app Threads really overtake Elon Musk’s Twitter? Actually, the opinion of experts is divided in this matter. Some experts are saying that since it is associated with Instagram, it will have an already built user base, which is going to be a big advantage for the app. At the same time, other experts say that Twitter app is news based, whereas Instagram is a visual content app, hence it is difficult for it to replace Twitter. NDTV’s AccordingMeta Threads only needs a quarter of the users of Instagram to overtake Twitter’s user base.

Regarding this, Mark Zuckerberg has said that it may take some time to leave Twitter behind. He said that an app with 1 billion users was needed to have public conversations. Twitter could have done it too, but it couldn’t, so Meta did it. He said that our aim was to create a new experiential app using the best features of Instagram where people can write messages, share their thoughts, and discuss what is on their mind on the platform. Will be able to. On this occasion, Mark Zuckerberg also tweeted after 11 years-

Overall, the Threads app launched by Meta is being projected as a friendly place where users will be able to express their thoughts without any hesitation.

How to download Threads

Downloading Threads App is very easy, and it can be downloaded from both Android and iOS platforms like we do other apps. How to download threads on Android: We are telling you the method here with the help of step by step guide-

  1. To download Threads, first go to PlayStore and from there Threads App Download it.
  2. After downloading it will be installed and then open it.
  3. You can login to it through Instagram.
  4. After login, you can also copy Instagram’s profile photo and bio details here. Or you can update it separately. In this you also get the option to follow Instagram users.

Once you set up a profile in the app, you can tweet here just like Twitter.


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