The whole world is crazy about Pokemon Go, know about this game

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Don’t be surprised if you see many people walking intermittently with mobile phones in their hands and doing something on the screen. Chances are that those people are playing Pokemon Go game. Yes, this game has crossed all limits of popularity. Every other person is talking about it. It can be estimated from this that within just 1 week of its release, it has become more popular than Tinder.

Pokémon is an international sensation that debuted 20 years ago in 1995. This video game has served as inspiration for many comic books, movies and television series. If you’ve never played this game, you might recognize it from the cute looking monsters.

Pokemon Go is the latest game of this series. It is the first game for smartphones developed by Niantic Labs. This company had earlier also made a similar game, Ingress, which was not very successful. It seems that the company has achieved the hit formula with Pokemon Go. Let us tell you in detail about Pokemon Go.

1. Pokémon Go is a smartphone game based on Nintendo’s classic Pokémon games.

2. It is available for Android and iOS platforms. It has not been officially launched in India yet. If you have an Android phone then you can easily download it.

3. In this game, you can earn points by catching cute monsters (Pokémon) using your phone’s camera. You can also train these Pokémon and use them in battles with gyms.

4. It hasn’t even been a week since this game was released and Pokemon Go Android-phones-than-tinder-report-859411″ target=”_blank”>more popular than tinder are done.

5. To get Pokémon and fight in gyms, you have to walk into the real world. Whenever you move and turn, your character will also move and turn inside the game.

6. To hatch Pokémon eggs you have to walk a certain distance. Want to get a different type of egg? Be prepared to walk up to 10 kilometers to find a Pokemon.

7. People are coming out of their homes to play this game. Very strange stories are coming to light. A Pokemon player even found the dead body.

8. Niantic is very pleased with the demand for Pokémon GO. Most of the people on Twitter complain that the game’s server is getting slow at times. For this reason, the game has also not been launched in the international market yet.

9. If you use iPhone then this game gets full access to your Google account. That’s too much for this game. The company has realized that this is wrong and this shortcoming will be removed in the upcoming updates.

10. Pokemon is a mini version of pocket monsters. The original game was designed to give kids the experience of exploring and collecting items. This has actually been implemented in the new game.


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