Have you used these fun and useful features of Facebook?

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Facebook is the most popular social media website in the world. Social giant Facebook continuously releases new features for its users. Facebook had recently released new options like Colorful Background Status, GIF Video with Camera. And today we will tell you about those features of Facebook which are useful for you and perhaps you will enjoy using them. Know about some such interesting and useful features of Facebook.

colorful background status
This popular feature of Facebook is being used the most these days. This colorful Facebook post feature is available on Android, iOS and web. With the new feature, you can share just text posts with a colorful background.

To use Facebook’s new colorful posts, type “What’s on your mind?” in the status bar. Tap on. After this type and then choose the color or gradient of your choice. enough. And now share the post.

gif video with camera
Talking about communication on social media platforms, animated GIF images have also become as important as emoji. Emoji and GIF have turned things into signs and GIFs, and many times, instead of typing long sentences, gestures are enough. Gif images are already quite popular on Facebook, and recently Facebook gave users the option to use gifs in the comments section. Now, the social networking site has also given users the opportunity to create GIF images of their choice through GIF mode in Facebook Camera.

It is worth noting that this feature has currently been released only on iOS. The new GIF option is available by swiping right when you open the camera in the Facebook app. And just like the method of making a GIF, it will last for a few seconds. Along with this, you will also be able to use Facebook’s effects and frames in GIF images. In addition to saving the created GIF image to your device, you can also post it as a profile or Facebook story.

This is a feature of Facebook which comes in handy later. If you see a link in your news feed and want to visit it later. So just click on the drop down arrow visible on the top right of the post and then select Save. After this, whenever you want to see the saved post, click on “Saved” in the left column and you will see all the links. The links you save are organized by category (links, places, music, books, movies, TV shows, and events) and you can access them by clicking on them.

But the Saved option doesn’t work for everything, and it only works for link posts.

With the help of this feature of Facebook, users can design a frame in photos and videos. The social giant has launched a new camera effects platform through which users can create new frames. And these can then be used for profile pictures and videos on Facebook from the mobile app.


The Camera Effects platform lets you add designer frames to photos based on location and event. Earlier, a similar custom geofilter was available on Snapchat. With Facebook’s new platform, apart from creating frames for a specific location or event, users can also create frames for general use. You will have to follow these Facebook guidelines while creating the frame and after that you can submit it to Facebook for review. The social media giant claims that this review will take a maximum of one week. Once the frame is approved, all users can use this frame for profile pictures and videos on Facebook.

These frames are available through the in-app camera on Facebook. And they can also be accessed on Facebook Web. Along with this, as per the permission of Facebook, you can know the statistics of the frames created by you, how many people have used them and how many times.


This feature of Facebook is very useful. If you want to get information related to weather, now complete information will be available on the social media giant’s mobile app and desktop site.

In Facebook’s new weather section, users can get information about the weather forecast for an entire week. Facebook’s weather feature works based on information provided by Weather.com. The weather feature is an extension of Facebook’s earlier version of ‘weather greetings’ and can be accessed by going to ‘More’ in the News Feed.

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